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This article is about a character or concept whose name has never been officially confirmed.
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Racer Gator, Racer Gator.

The "Gator" is a special vehicle developed by Project Spectrum. While on the surface a seemingly ordinary Jeep 4x4, the Gator can transform into a combat vehicle.


A prototype Gator was seen outside the Project Spectrum base when the recruits showed up.

Marcia Watkins piloted a Gator, possibly the same one, in the first test of Project Spectrum's vehicular weapons, racing a Jackhammer piloted by William Evans. The connection between Watkins's prototype Mask and the Gator caused her a painful burning sensation, shortly before the vehicle soon exploded, killing Watkins. M.A.S.K.: Revolution


With the amazing ability to be driven in Florida!
  • The Gator toy is a Jeep whose body lifts up to reveal a removable hydroplane. The comic version of the Gator seems to instead transform into a high-speed land vehicle of some description, with the hydroplane interpreted as an alternate front end.

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