Giant Acroyear

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Micronauts 10 Giant Acroyear.jpg

The Giant Acroyear is a very big Acroyear, which arrived on Earth alongside smaller, strangely advanced counterparts.

Though very powerful, with the right weapon, you could probably take it out in one shot.


When Rhonda Conway's home was attacked by New Acroyears hunting for the Micronauts, they were accompanied by a Giant Acroyear, which levitated through Billy Conway's bedroom window, shooting laser fire everywhere. While the Micronauts scattered, Acroyear made the most of what he had with him, picking up a nearby Weeble and hurling it through the Giant Acroyear's chest, destroying it. Micronauts #10

Many Giant Acroyears and New Acroyears stood in formation as Baron Karza prepared for the invasion of Earth. Micronauts #11

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