Giant Acroyear

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Micronauts 10 Giant Acroyear.jpg

The Giant Acroyear is a very big Acroyear, which arrived on Earth alongside smaller, strangely advanced counterparts.

Though very powerful, with the right weapon, you could probably take it out in one shot.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

When Rhonda Conway's home was attacked by New Acroyears hunting for the Micronauts, they were accompanied by a Giant Acroyear, which levitated through Billy Conway's bedroom window, shooting laser fire everywhere. While the Micronauts scattered, Acroyear made the most of what he had with him, picking up a nearby Weeble and hurling it through the Giant Acroyear's chest, destroying it. Micronauts #10

Many Giant Acroyears and New Acroyears stood in formation as Baron Karza prepared for the invasion of Earth. Micronauts #11

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