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Overslept on the day everyone picked their codenames.

Robert Graves, codenamed Grunt, is a member of G.I. Joe. An engineer who puts his skills to use as an armorer, Grunt isn't typically one to go against orders, but when Earth is on the line against murderous aliens he could be open to persuasion...

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Grunt participated in G.I. Joe's sneak attack on the Autobots in Portland, Oregon, opening fire on Arcee as she charged their staging point. Concorde Hymn TFWikiFavicon.png

In the immediate aftermath of the Revolution incident, Grunt stood outside Autobot City with his fellow Joe Beachhead and watched as Rom flew off into the sky. Sensing something was wrong with his teammate, Grunt listened to Beachhead complain about how they were just letting General Colton's murderer get away like that. Though Grunt believed Rom's story about Colton being a Dire Wraith, Beachhead was less sure and criticized him for being so gullible. While he could see where his teammate was coming from, Grunt reminded him that Scarlett's orders were to let Rom go. Beachhead, however, was convinced Scarlett was only saying that because she had to and that it was up to them to follow the order she couldn't give...

Though Grunt was shocked to hear his teammate talking about going rogue, Reinforcements, Part 1 he still followed him as they sneaked into a G.I. Joe weapons locker in Northern California. Impressed by the wide variety of weapons they had stocked up, Grunt admitted that while he wasn't a fan of super high-tech weaponry, he was sure he could put his engineering talents to work customizing them to his liking. Reinforcements, Part 2 Taking a pair of jetpacks from the locker, the rogue Joes took to the skies. Grunt, however, still had some doubts about their hunt, and suggested that they just call in a report when Beachhead began picking up Rom's energy signature. Just then, Grunt noticed the readings were much higher than they should be, something Beachhead was soon able to attribute to Rom not being the only Space Knight around!

Following the trio of Rom, Orphion, and Livia as they flew into Blind-Eye Cave, Grunt and Beachhead caught up just in time to hear Orphion declare Earth needed to be destroyed. After opening fire on and stunning the serpentine Space Knight, the pair then got to work trying to take out their remaining targets but were quickly overwhelmed by Livia's considerable firepower. Panicking after Rom flashed them with his Analyzer, Grunt called out to Beachhead to activate their jamming device. Though the jammer disabled Rom's Neutralizer, the Space Knight's superhuman speed and strength was still more than enough to take down both of the rogue Joes. Reinforcements, Part 3

Left behind as Rom and Livia left to pursue Orphion, Grunt couldn't believe how easily they were defeated. As Beachhead began trying to think of ways to convince Cybertronians to help them against the Space Knights, a now far more agreeable Grunt suggested they start thinking smaller instead of bigger... Reinforcements, Part 4

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