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Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #1–3
Publisher Ted Adams
Cover date June, July, August 2017
Written by John Barber, Cullen Bunn, Brandon Easton, Jimmy Johnston, David Mariotte, Chris Ryall, Mairghread Scott, Aubrey Sitterson
Art by Robert Atkins, Casey Coller Jed Dougherty, Marcelo Ferreira, Andrew Griffith, Guido Guidi, Ron Joseph, Steve Kurth, Jack Lawrence, Igor Lima, Sam Lotfi, David Messina, Alex Milne, Giannis Milonogiannis, Fico Ossio, Sara Pitre-Durocher, Paolo Villanelli
Colors by Alessandra Alexakis, John-Paul Bove, Sebastian Cheng, David Garcia Cruz, Thomas Deer, Jordi Escuin, Jay Fotos, Simon Gough, Lovern Kindzierski, Joana Lafuente, David Messina, Michele Pasta, Ander Zarate
Edits by David Mariotte and David Hedgecock
TPB ISBN ISBN 978-1684050994

The Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook is a three issue limited series published by IDW Publishing in 2017 featuring profiles of the various characters of the Hasbro Universe. Continuing the style of profiles that were first seen as back up material in the Revolution miniseries, the profiles are written by the writers of the character's respective series and provide a brief synopsis of their adventures up to that point along with various other biographical information and illustrations provided by a variety of artists. Each issue also contains a short comic story, papercraft projects, and a dual sided pin-up that showcases that issues characters on one side and a map of a Hasbro Universe location on the other.

Issue 1[edit]

Covers (3)[edit]

  • Regular cover: The characters profiled in the book, by Fico Ossio and Jordi Escuin.
  • Subscription cover: Several of the G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. characters profiled within, by Sam Lofti.
  • Retailer incentive cover: The heroes and villains of Micronauts and ROM, by Marcelo Borstelmann.


  • This issue leaked early on the Apple iBooks store on May 31, 2017, one week ahead of it's intended release date.
  • Originally solicited for May, this book ended up being officially released in June.
  • Baron Daegon's entry spells his name "Daigon" as it was written when he first appeared in Micronauts #2, rather than the later used "Daegon."

Issue 2[edit]

Covers (3)[edit]

  • Regular cover: The characters profiled in the book, by Fico Ossio and Jordi Escuin.
  • Subscription cover: Miles Mayhem stares directly into your soul while Vanessa Warfield is chased by M.A.S.K. and Kup, by Sam Lofti.
  • Retailer incentive cover: G.I. Joe and Matt Trakker, by Marcelo Borstelmann.


  • As part of the ongoing series of delays that have plagued IDW's books throughout 2017, this book arrived late in the first week of August rather than in June as was originally solicited.
  • Digital versions of this issue contain a "Digital Ashcan" for Aw Yeah Revolution! issue 1.
  • Grimlock is depicted in his normal G1 design rather than his similar but distinctive IDW design.

Issue 3[edit]