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The Community Portal page is meant to serve as a central location for all editors and readers of IDW Hasbro Wiki to keep track of what is going on throughout the wiki. Here on the portal itself, announcements and policy changes and the like will be posted.

The portal's talk page (IDW Hasbro Wiki talk:Community Portal) is the place to go if you have a question to discuss that potentially affects large sections of the wiki. For example, if you want to propose a new template for articles about cartoon episodes, a lot of other editors may be interested in that topic. If you post your ideas on the talk page for a particular episode's article, it may not be noticed by everybody. But, put it on the Community Portal's talk page, and hopefully you will get more input.


IDW Hasbro Wiki was started here on ShoutWiki on 29 September 2016 by Jalaguy.


The admins for this Wiki are:

If you have questions or issues that only an admin can address, they are your people. Just leave them a message on their User talk pages.