Infinite: Part One

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Jem and the Holograms: Infinite #1
Jem: Infinite
"Infinite: Part One"
First published June 28, 2017
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Stacey Lee & Jen Hickman
Colors by Sarah Stern
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Sarah Gaydos

After trouble brews between them and The Misfits, The Holograms receive a mysterious visitor...


After she and the rest of the Holograms finish their performance at the charity concert for the Starlight Foundation, Jem is stopped backstage by Rio who wishes to compliment their performance. Though Jem invites him to come hang out with her, her sisters, and their significant others, Rio reluctantly declines, still needing time to adjust after their break up. Rio then urges his ex to come clean about Jem's true nature, reminding her that it's only a matter of time before somebody else reveals the truth. While she agrees, Jem also reminds Rio that that's not solely her decision to make as revealing Jem and Synergy would be something that would effect her bandmates as well. With the next band getting ready to play, Rio has to make a sudden exit, leaving Jem to walk back to the Hologram's tour bus alone.

As she climbs aboard and tells her sisters what happened, Aja and Kimber voice their opposition to coming clean about Jem, not seeing how it could lead to anything but trouble. Shana, on the other hand, thinks that Rio might have a point when he says that it's better that they tell the truth and control the narrative rather than letting somebody else dig it up. Aja, however, is still less than optimistic that they'll have careers once the truth gets out no matter who breaks the news. She then reminds her sister that the whole reason they created Jem in the first place was because she couldn't perform as Jerrica. When Raya asks if she's gotten over her extreme stage fright, Jem replies she's not quite sure, remembering that she felt like she was ready to let go of her alter ego after the incident with Silica but she's not sure if that's still the case. When Kimber asks for her take, Raya voices tentative agreement with Aja but also feels her being a recent addition to the band means she shouldn't get as much of a say and will stand with her fellow Holograms no matter what they decide. Feeling that she's lucky to have family like them, Jem brings her sisters in for a great big, sappy group hug. Though they began preparing to head back home, the Holograms briefly disembark from the bus and, as luck would have it, run into The Misfits!

Before too long, the frontwomen of both bands are in each other's faces, Pizzazz finally confronting Jem face to face over what she still perceives as her trying to ruin the careers of The Misfits while Jem goes on the defensive and tries to get her rival to realize how petty she's being. While the two of them go at it, Aja and Jetta begin engaging each other as well and soon need to be restrained by Shana and Blaze. Kimber and Stormer, meanwhile, exchange complaints about how stressful the drama between their bands is. With things heating up, it doesn't take long before a crowd of fans begins to gather and starts photographing and filming the incident. With that, the situation quickly deescalates and the Holograms and Misfits go their separate ways, Pizzazz promising to deliver her vengeance another day to an unconcerned Jem.

After this incident, The Holograms cut through the concert venue's empty ballroom while Raya asks what exactly the big problem between them and The Misfits, prompting them to explain the incident with Clash dropping the light rigging at the previous Starlight benefit. Just as they reach the exit, suddenly a voice calls out to them, asking the band for their help. Turning around, Jem quickly discovers the voice belongs to Techrat! Immediately assuming Pizzazz put him up to screw around with them, Jem ignores the hacker's plea that he needs them to help save the world, only stopping after he invokes the name of the Benton sisters' father Emmet as the reason they should help him! Enraged that he'd dare stoop so low as to say something like that, Techrat insists that he doesn't say Emmet's name lightly, given that he's almost as much of a father to him as he is to the Holograms. Though Kimber finds that rather ridiculous, Techrat clarifies that the Emmet Benton he's talking about isn't necessarily the same Emmet Benton that raised the four of them. Though still very much unhappy about someone like him talking about her late father, Jem gives Techrat a chance to explain before she turns Aja loose on him. Though he's happy to explain, Techrat notes that the girls may want to sit down for this...

After a very lengthy conversation between the five of them and Techrat, The Holograms ask for clarification one last time that the Techrat they're currently talking to came from an alternate Earth using a portal device he built together with the alternate, still living version of their father in hopes of enlisting their help in saving this alternate Earth from unchecked technology that threatens to destroy it. Though Techrat is overjoyed that they finally understand, the five of them bursting into laughter shows him that they might need a little more proof. To that end, Techrat pulls out his portal device and opens up a gigantic, glowing portal in the middle of the room! Having to admit that this seems a little hard to fake, Jem asks if they can really trust him given that The Holograms aren't exactly friendly with "their" Techrat. The alternate Techrat then asks her that if he's just making all this up, how would he know that Jem is actually Jerrica Benton if it wasn't for the fact that the same Hologram technology she uses wasn't behind the crisis his world is facing? Huddling up, The Holograms talk amongst themselves about what to do. With Jerrica feeling that they bear some responsibility to take care of Hologram tech being abused and Kimber wanting to see her father, even some other alternate version of her father, again, Jem finally decides she thinks they all know what they need to do...

Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, Pizzazz rages about how much she hates Jem and the Holograms while she and her bandmates head out to their van. Once they reach their vehicle, Jetta stops Pizzazz and asks her if maybe it's time to let go of old grudges, especially since nothing good has ever happened to them when they try going up against them. If Pizzazz heard her bandmate she sure doesn't show it as she quickly stomps back towards the venue, muttering that she can't let Jem disrespecting her band slide no matter what while her exasperated bandmates follow close behind. As The Misfits finally stumble upon the ballroom, they arrive just in time to see their rivals leaping into Techrat's portal!

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Continuity notes[edit]

  • A lot of this issue is spent referencing and explaining the major events that occurred back in the Jem and the Holograms ongoing and, to a lesser extent, the Jem: The Misfits miniseries. The big ones include:
    • The Misfits getting dropped by 5x5 Records due to Riot trying to make a grand gesture towards Jem. (Jem #19)
    • Jerrica and Rio breaking up/putting their relationship on hold after she tells him the truth about Jem, which he encourages her to come clean to the world about. (Jem #26)
    • Jerrica creating Jem to deal with her performance anxiety. (Jem #1)
    • The Misfits starting their own label. (Jem: The Misfits #5)
    • Clash's sabotage of the last Starlight Foundation benefit concert. (Jem #4)
  • Emmet Benton passed away before the beginning of the Jem ongoing and only appeared during that book's run once in flashback. While it was already established that the Holograms loved their father, this issue shows just how much he meant to them given that they're willing to leave their home dimension behind just to have a chance to see him again!

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