Infinite: Part Three

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Jem and the Holograms: Infinite #2
Jem: Infinite
"Infinite: Part Three"
First published August 23, 2017
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Jen Hickman
Colors by Sarah Stern
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Sarah Gaydos

The Holograms reunite with their father and begin forming their plan to take down Jemcorp.


As they walk through it's streets, the Holograms still aren't quite sure what to make of this world where their faces are everywhere you look. While they take it all in, Techrat insists that they keep moving, explaining that even though their holographic disguises make them look somewhat different, closer inspection will reveal who they are underneath and that there's few crimes here greater than using holograms to make yourself look like a member of the Holograms. To his point, Jerrica suddenly hears a familiar voice call out to her and sees this universe's version of Rio running right at her! As he catches up to her, the two embrace and share a passionate kiss before he asks why he hasn't been able to get a hold of her in so long. Jerrica improvises an explanation that she's just been really busy lately but before their conversation can get much deeper, Aja comes to drag Jerrica away.

Meanwhile, at Jemcorp headquarters, CEO Eric Raymond receives a visit from Harcourt, head of PR for the company. As she informs Eric that the board is waiting for him, he reminds her that the board is on his schedule, not the other way around. He then begins criticizing the phrasing of the press release announcing the new version of the Jemstar earrings, taking issue with it merely asking people to upgrade rather than demanding it under threat of expulsion from the city. Though Elise brings up that studies show as much as a quarter of the population can't afford to upgrade, Eric is well aware of this fact and deliberately set things up this way so as to thin the herd and maintain the current quality of life for those who can afford the new tech. Unconcerned about how much more of a strain these "undesirables" will place on the already struggling resources outside of the city, Eric sends Harcourt away. With her gone, Eric commands Synergy to disable the hologram hiding a door on his office's wall, leading to a dark room containing someone who is growing increasingly frustrated with him...

At the rather ramshackle apartment of Emmet Benton, Techrat steps inside and explains that while their plan worked, the alternate Holograms he managed to grab are from a universe where their version of him passed away along with their mother. With that warning of how emotional of a moment this is going to be for them, Techrat opens the door and lets the Holograms in, and all four of the Benton sisters embrace their father, all of them happy to finally be reunited. After spending some time chatting and enjoying each other's company, Jerrica decides it's time that they finally get down to business and asks if anybody has any ideas on how to take down Jemcorp. Aja is the first to speak up and, though her sister said no idea is too dumb, her suggestion that they use Silica to wrest control of Synergy ends up being a step too far for her!

While they argue, Emmet speaks up to say he has no idea what they're talking about, prompting Shana to explain what she was and her relationship with Synergy. This explanation causes Emmet to regret his invention even more but before he can get too lost in his regrets, Shana reminds him of all the good she's done. Aja then asks if he can remember at any point he dealt with a corruption or a virus in Synergy's programming. Though he does remember something like that early on, he believes he may have been able to get rid of it. Techrat adds that even if they did know whether or not Silica still existed deep inside Synergy, they'd have no way of accessing her as Jemcorp maintains complete control over her. Though this universe's mass produced Jemstar earrings only have limited access to Synergy's powers, Jerrica suddenly gets an idea and pulls the original earrings from her universe out of her pocket. Given that they have unlimited access to Synergy in her universe, she asks if they might be able to reconfigure then to have full access to this universe's version of Synergy as well, something that Emmet and Techrat believe just might work!

Though they get to work on implementing their plan, it occurs to Jerrica that they should probably have some kind of back up plan and suggests going to this universe's versions of the Holograms for help. As the others all voice their agreement, believing that their alternate selves are all just under Jemcorp's control and that there's no way they'd actually be okay with all this, an incredulous Emmet asks Techrat how he could have left out such a crucial detail. Turning to his alternate daughters, Emmet explains that they can't go to the native versions of the Holograms because... they're dead! As they all recoil in shock from this revelation, Emmet elaborates that they indeed weren't okay with Jemcorp's rampant abuse of Synergy and that for daring to take a stand against them, Jemcorp had them killed and has been using Holograms to keep up the illusion that they're still alive. With things having just gotten personal, Jerrica and her sisters are suddenly even more committed to taking down Jemcorp once and for all...

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Continuity notes[edit]

  • Silica, the evil, mind controlling, "corupted" version of Synergy was the main antagonist of the "Dark Jem" arc that went from issues #11 to #16 of the original Jem and the Holograms series.


  • A line attributed to Raya on page 2 has her refer to Emmet as if he's her father as well when she's the only one of the Holograms who isn't his daughter.

Jem references[edit]

  • Eric is revealed to be the sinister CEO of Jemcorp, echoing his role as a villainous businessman in the original Jem animated series.

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