Infinite: Part Two

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Jem and the Holograms: The Misfits: Infinite #1
Jem: Infinite
"Infinite: Part One"
First published July 5, 2017
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Jenn St-Onge
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Sarah Gaydos

Following their rivals into Techrat's portal, The Misfits find themselves in a strange new world.


Even after having seen Jem and the Holograms dive into the portal, Pizzazz still isn’t buying Techrat’s lengthy explanation of what’s going on. Not particularly concerned with what she thinks, Techrat tries to push past her and Stormer (the latter of whom is concerned about Kimber) but neither woman will let him through until he agrees to take The Misfits with him! While the other three band members are a bit surprised by this, Pizzazz spurs them on by saying that no Misfit should be afraid to do something a Hologram can. With that, The Misfits follow Techrat through the portal to another universe, just barely missing Clash arriving their coffees.

As they make a crash landing into an alley, Jerrica demands to know why Techrat brought them along with him but the hacker brushes her complaints off and insists that they get going, asking that the women try not to act too awestruck at the world they’ve found themselves in. Though Pizzazz comments that the alley isn’t exactly anything to look at, once the two bands step out onto the street they find themselves in a shiny, pink, seemingly techno-utopian paradise completely dominated by hologram technology! As all ten of the women gape at their surroundings, Techrat again reminds them that they need to hurry, warning that their holographic disguises aren’t going to hold up to much scrutiny. While the Holograms struggle to see what’s so wrong with this world, Techrat merely says that there’s more than meets the eye. Shana, meanwhile, notices that the alternate universe version of the band seems to be playing subtly different versions of their songs.

After everyone finally arrives at Techrat’s hideout, he tells Kimber that it’ll be a while longer before the Holograms can meet their father. As Jerrica continues to ask what the big problem is, Techrat finally explains that, while what they’ve seen so far is seemingly perfect, it’s not representative of the entire world. In fact, this is a very insular, exclusive community, reserved for the “one percenters” those who serve them while everyone else is forced to live outside of it’s very literal wall. Not particularly interested by this troubling revelation, Pizzazz can only note how strange it is that Jem isn’t here when the rest of the Holograms and their manager are. Caught off guard by her observation, the Holograms have an emergency huddle and discuss what they’re going to do. Coming to the conclusion that they don’t have any choice but to come clean, Jerrica reveals to their rivals that she is Jem! After a moment of shock, The Misfits… burst out into laughter.

Annoyed by their disbelief, Jerrica attempts to summon Synergy to transform her but finds that she’s not responding. Techrat then explains that Synergy isn’t powerful enough to work across separate universes and, even with the prevalence of hologram technology in this universe, the native version of Synergy is far too different from Jerrica’s to be compatible with her earrings. Pizzazz finds this all very convenient, but, after a suggestion from Kimber, Jerrica realizes that her singing voice is all she needs to prove she’s Jem and breaks out into song, thoroughly shocking all The Misfits with undeniable evidence!

Once everybody has come down from the surprise, it occurs to Pizzazz that the blame for this world gone wrong lays at the Holograms’ feet, since their technology is what ruined everything. After explaining that’s perhaps over-simplifying things a bit, given that the Jemcorp corporation is now in control of hologram technology and is responsible for it’s spread and abuse, Techrat distributes Jemstar earrings to everyone so they can remain disguised in public, revealing that he worked with Emmet Benton in creating the mass production version of the device as he does so. Activating their new disguises, Techrat again insists there’s no time to dawdle and that they need to go meet up with the Benton patriarch. While Jerrica strongly agrees, Pizzazz is far less interested and instead wants to know what’s become of The Misfits in this world.

Giving a fairly cagey answer, Techrat merely states that if they’re anywhere, they’re on the other side of the wall that keeps out everybody who doesn’t have access to hologram tech. Activating a window, Techrst shows off the rather sizable wall and reveals that, if they want, he has connections that can get them through to the other side. Though Techrat can’t understate how terrible things are, Pizzazz remains determined to find out what happened to her band’s counterparts. While Kimber refuses to let Stormer accompany her, Pizzazz asserts that she’s part of the Misfits family and drags her along. While Jetta and Roxy are easily convinced to come along, Blaze only agrees once Stormer resigns herself to joining them if only to make sure nobody gets themselves killed.

As they arrive at the wall, Kimber and Stormer exchange a goodbye kiss as she joins her bandmates in taking the elevator up to the top of the wall. And, as the five women find themselves at the top, they get their first glimpse of the world outside the wall… and it’s covered with ruined buildings being reclaimed by nature without another soul in sight…

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Covers (3)[edit]

  • Regular cover: The Misfits in shock, by Jenn St-Onge
  • Subscription cover: Blaze and Stormer, by Veronica Fish
  • Retailer incentive cover: The Misfits flying through the portal, by Ben Caldwell