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Interrogator loves his job. No, not torture — he's not a sadist like the other nuts at Cobra, and his job isn't to inflict pain, but to extract information. What he loves is getting into his subjects' heads, working out what makes them tick, what they want and what they fear, and how to get them to give up the information that Cobra needs; whether that's through exploiting phobias, threats against loved ones, stress positions, chemical injections, waterboarding...

Okay, maybe he's a little bit of a sadist.


After Cobra captured the soldier Thomas Stall, Interrogator was brought in to interrogate him. Looking into Stall's past, Interrogator concluded that Stall would not respond to threats or torture, and instead determined that the best way to obtain the intelligence they wanted from him would be through shame. Based on amateur footage of Stall's capture, in which he heroically defended his comrades to the last, Interrogator had fake footage created with the help of Zartan, portraying Stall as a coward who abandoned his comrades and fled. Showing Stall both the real and faked footage, Interrogator offered him a choice: either cooperate with Cobra and have the real footage released, or refuse and be released into the world alongside the faked footage. Interrogator summed up the choice he offered as between being a hero, or being seen as one. Interrogator Stall agreed to cooperate with Cobra. Though Interrogator assumed he would commit suicide after doing so, Stall instead ended up joining up as a member of Cobra after meeting with Cobra Commander. Cobra vol. 2 #6

Interrogator was later assigned to Cobra's underwater Outpost CottonMouth under the command of the Baroness, where he would interrogate G.I. Joe psy-ops specialist Psyche Out over the robot arm that was found in his possession. Psyche Out claimed that the arm was not created by G.I. Joe and contained an aggressive, sentient computer virus, but while Interrogator was worried by his words, the Baroness assumed he was lying and dismissed him. Unfortunately, it was the truth, and the sentient virus began to take over the outpost, setting a troop of B.A.T.s on Interrogator and the Baroness! G.I. Joe: Infestation #1 The two returned to the interrogation room and had Psyche Out freed in exchange for his help; after one of the B.A.T.s breached the outer hull of the base, Interrogator, the Baroness, Psyche-Out and one of their Viper guards managed to escape the flooding and androids by fleeing to another segment of the base and sealing the door behind them.

Though seemingly trapped in a tiny room, they were saved by Dr. Jacob Mitchell and his bird "Raptor", who were escaping from cybernetically implanted animals under the control of the virus through the air ducts; after the Baroness shot the animals dead, the group made their way to the laboratory of Dr. Elizabeth Zych, where the arm was, intending to try and shut down the virus before it made its way back to civilisation. As the lab was guarded by B.A.T.s, the Baroness, the Viper and Interrogator distracted them while Psyche Out and Mitchell entered the lab. Their gambit was only temporarily successful, though, as the B.A.T.s changed targets and pursued the infiltrators, and Interrogator was forced to stop the Baroness from trying to save them after a rare moment of conscience. Interrogator, the Viper, and the Baroness attempted to find a route off the base, but the submarine pool was inoperable; instead, they escaped using the oxygen tanks of the base's Eels', with the Baroness killing the Viper to make more oxygen for her. Interrogator assumed that she would also kill him and take his oxygen, but she allowed him to live, and both escaped. G.I. Joe: Infestation #2

Some time later, Interrogator assessed the fitness for duty of the inmates of Cobra's Snake Pit asylum. Mitchell — who had escaped the CottonMouth facility, but was driven to madness thanks to oxygen deprivation, and now called himself "Raptor" after his bird — was deemed unfit, as were the pyromaniac Gristle and the berserk Razor Claw. Assessing the businessman Cesspool, Interrogator immediately realised that he was merely faking insanity due to being too afraid of Tomax and Xamot Paoli to leave his cell; however, Interrogator agreed to assess him as unfit for duty in exchange for the money that Cesspool had hidden in offshore bank accounts.

Thanks to their recent shared experience in the underwater facility, the Baroness had Interrogator stay behind to observe Dr. Llund's tests on a mysterious artifact; however, the bizarre ritual that she performed mutated the Vipers stationed in the asylum and caused them to become possessed by the Elder Gods, though Interrogator was immune thanks to his understanding of the human mind. Fleeing, he was saved by Crystal Ball and Storm Shadow, who were there to shut down the doorway and prevent the Elder Gods from overtaking the rest of the planet. Interrogator was grateful for the help, but horrified upon realising that Crystal Ball's selected reinforcements were the asylum's inmates, whose insanity would make them equally immune. Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #1 The trio released Raptor, Gristle and Razor Claw to help them, but Interrogator was too slow to stop Crystal Ball from releasing Cesspool, who attacked him; the mutated businessman was killed by Razor Claw using hidden blades in his arms. Using incendiary weapons from the base's armory, Interrogator and the inmates initially held off the possessed Vipers while Crystal Ball and Storm Shadow headed for the artifact; however, they were quickly overwhelmed and Gristle was killed, and they only survived thanks to Crystal Ball's manipulations managing to see the doorway closed again, returning the Vipers to their original forms. Interrogator, Storm Shadow and the inmates evacuated through a secret High Command exit via instructions left by Crystal Ball, and when the Baroness asked about the artifact, Interrogator lied that the experiments were a "complete failure". Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #2

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