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Seen here before she knew to bundle up for the refrigerator.

A seasoned veteran with considerable martial arts and medical experience, Jinx is a covert operative working for G.I. Joe, serving as the go-between for agents in deep cover and G.I. Joe command.


Prior to joining G.I. Joe, Jinx had accumulated seven years of combat experience, had an Olympic level mastery of four different martial arts, and was a fully trained field medic.

Jinx was assigned to be Chuckles' contact with G.I. Joe during his deep cover mission of uncovering the truth about Cobra. The two first met a month and a half after Chuckles' alleged dismissal from the Joe team, introduced to one another by General Hawk inside of a parking garage. While Chuckles was at first dismissive of her for being a woman and cracked a racially insensitive joke after learning she was Chinese-American, a kick to the jaw was all it took for her to shut him up. As Chuckles began his mission, Jinx would regularly meet with him as he went about infiltrating and rising up the ranks of various mercenary and terrorist organizations, often being the only person he had to talk to who wasn't completely morally repugnant. Over the course of these various meetings, their working relationship slowly began to become a romantic one as well.

The night before Chuckles had a meeting with a man who could be his "in" with Cobra, Jinx met with him and gave him a special gun that was synced to blood packs that would be worn by Scarlett and Heavy Duty, the hope being that Chuckles seeming to kill American special forces operatives would be enough to seal the deal for his contact. Charmer Luckily the plan succeeded.

Going undercover at a Balkans strip club, Jinx lured Chuckles into one of the private rooms and shared a kiss with him before getting his latest status report. Having to keep up appearances for the watchful eye of the club's security, Jinx learned that while Chuckles was on the verge of having something substantial, he had yet to learn anything meaningful. As they went their separate ways, Jinx informed him that it was too dangerous for them to keep meeting in person and all further communications would be carried out over Chuckles' SR receiver.

When Chuckles began sleeping with Cobra agent Erika Le Tene, In the Grass she noticed the vibrations of his SR receiver, leading to Tomax and Xamot Paoli discovering he was a G.I. Joe agent, which in turn lead to them finding out about Jinx. Eyes After the receiver was damaged in an explosion, Chuckles was left completely out of contact with Jinx until he found an abandoned car far away from his Cobra masters he used instead. Oil

Wanting to toy with Chuckles (who was unaware that he'd been found out), the Paolis had Jinx captured Eyes and then had Semyon retrieve Chuckles and bring him to Jinx's cell. As a Crimson Guardsman explained that they'd discovered she'd seemingly been on Chuckles' trail for quite some time, Jinx improvised a story about how Chuckles had murdered her family and that she had been hunting him down to exact her revenge. As the Guards offered to take care of her, Jinx continued to threaten to kill Chuckles and told him to kill her now if he didn't want that to happen. Much to his own horror, Chuckles did as she told him and shot her in the head. Oil

While leaving the Cobra facility in Dubai, Chuckles saw a hallucination of Jinx. Eyes

After confirming Jinx's death by finding her body in a mass grave at the Dubai facility, Hawk recruited a woman who bore a resemblance to Jinx for the purposes of bringing Chuckles back to G.I. Joe after he'd been missing for over a year. While her resemblance briefly fooled him, Forked Tongue he quickly saw through it. Scales

After murdering the Cobra Commander and activating the nuclear warheads stored on board a submarine at Cobra's Section Twenty facility, Chuckles' last thoughts before dying in the blast were of Jinx. King Cobra

Duke kept a photo of Jinx in his wallet along with pictures of several other Joes who had been killed by Cobra. The Fall of G.I. Joe Part Three


  • Though she is noted to have some martial arts experience, the IDW version of Jinx differs from the character's traditional depiction by being Chinese-American, rather than Japanese, and not being a ninja. The character of Ronin, who was introduced in the second Cobra series and noted to slightly resemble Jinx, seems to be based more on the classic version of the character.

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