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On the surface there's nothing that suspicious about Kagan Knight. Though he may preach unorthodox religious beliefs, there's nothing wrong with wanting to help one's fellow man achieve spiritual enlightenment. Dig a little deeper however and you'll find a Dire Wraith Sorcerer preying on unwitting humans and harvesting their psychic energy. Compared to his fellow Sorcerers however, Knight is somewhat of a pessimist, fully aware that he himself is nothing more than expendable cannon fodder in the long war against the Solstar Order.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Knight founded the group "Friends of our Enemies" to draw in humans and harvest their souls. One night, he gave a speech to a measly crowd of five people (one of whom was an infant). One of his audience questioned his promise of a new world prompting Knight to reveal his true form. Enthralled by Knight's magics, the audience willingly let him absorb their souls. Though Knight's minions thought the operation a success, Knight was displeased with haul and prayed that she would be satisfied or else he could look forward to eternal torment. Reinforcements, Part 3

Reconvening with other Sorcerers beneath an oil platform, Knight gave his bounty to The Presence and was relieved to find she was satisfied. When he heard the sounds of battle, he asked what caused them. Upon being informed the Space Knights had arrived, Knight labeled his fellow Sorcerers as idiots and summoned the Absence to deal with the Knights. Wishing his fellows good luck and claiming he would see them on the other side, Knight sacrificed himself to the Absence, giving it the energy to anchor itself in the physical world. Reinforcements, Part 4

Knight later established another gathering in Factory Butte, Utah where he harvested the souls of a large number of humans to feed to the Presence. No sooner had this deed been done did Orphion streak in and slay Knight's bodyguards. Knight remained defiant however, insisting Orphion could not deter the Wraiths' mission. Seeing the interrogation was going nowhere, Orphion promptly slew Knight and continued his investigation. Observing the Space Knight from afar, D'rge found the loss of Kagan Knight to be sufficient cause for caution. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 4

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is unclear whether Knight was once a human who was absorbed and replaced by a Wraith or whether he was always a Wraith who constructed a false identity.