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This article is about the Microspace species Enerchanged with Earth insects. For the insectoid soldier under Membros, see Kronos.

The Kronus are the natives of an unnamed planet in the Udunax system within Microspace.


In an alternate timeline, the Udunax system was the last system that had yet to be consumed by the Entropy Cloud, making the Kronus the last species in their universe. The last of the Time Travelers, however, was on their planet when the Cloud loomed above them. Enerchanging with his vessel, the Time Traveler used his power to preserve a handful of Kronus who bore witness to the demise of their race. Protected by the Time Traveler's powers, the surviving Kronus flowed backwards in time for untold years. Eventually their travels took them out of Microspace and they arrived in another universe on the planet Earth in its 11th century. To survive in the harsh environment, the Kronus enerchanged with natives mantises and commenced the construction of a small settlement. They occasionally hunted the native wildlife, finding some species quite delicious. The time of the Kronus however had long since passed and they were kept alive only by the energies of the Sentient Time Chamber. Micronauts #9

In the year 2017, the Time Chamber foresaw the arrival of the Micronauts and ordered the Kronus to gather a feast for the heroes and warned that their arrival would mark the discovery of their city by the humans. When the Micronauts arrived however, the Kronus greeted them with weapons, causing some confusion. Micronauts #8

While the Time Chamber communed with the Micronauts, the Kronus took up arms to defend their camp. The advance guard engaged the human soldiers even as grenades were thrown into the city. The Micronauts loaded the Kronus onto the Heliopolis but when the Time Chamber was destroyed, the Kronus rapidly aged to dust. Onboard the ship, the Helmet assured Oziron Rael that the Kronus had always been meant to die with their city and their demise was not his fault but warned that if they had lived, they would have died in the coming Earthwar. Micronauts #9


  • The Kronus are based on the Micronauts toyline's insectoid Kronos aliens. The misspelling of their name was presumably to allow for the introduction of the "naturally" insect-like Microspacian Kronos in Wrath of Karza.

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