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"You're a gutsy daredevil with a give 'em hell attitude and a fourth grade education. You coulda made sergeant."

An Autobot who was old even before he took the slow route back from the beginning of another universe, Kup is an ornery old codger and follower of Optimus Prime. Since the Revolution incident, he's taken to adventuring with his young human pal, Action Man, who has yet to get tired of his stories.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

One of the oldest Autobots around, Kup joined Optimus's forces on Earth during Megatron's invasion, taking command of the Autobots while Optimus was incapacitated. All Hail Megatron TFWikiFavicon.png

While on Earth, Kup was one of the Autobots who joined the forces of Skywatch, led by Spike, in responding to a zombie infestation; though he was able to send the zombie forces back to the beginning of time in the barren Dead Universe through his connection to their leader, Britt, he was pulled through along with them and believed dead. Infestation TFWikiFavicon.png In actuality, he was left half-alive in the Dead Universe for eons, until being found by the villainous Nova Prime, who converted his body into a spacebridge through which the corrupt Prime planned to return to his home reality. Kup was rescued from Nova by Optimus Prime, Rodimus, and Cyclonus, who managed to find them another route home. Dark Cybertron TFWikiFavicon.png

Six months afterwards, Kup would once again join Optimus on Earth, aiding him against the alliance between the Earth Defense Command and the Decepticons, Robots in Disguise season 2 TFWikiFavicon.png and working with the Wreckers in dealing with Tarantulas and Mayhem. Sins of the Wreckers TFWikiFavicon.png

During the Ore-13 crisis, Kup and Aileron investigated the remains of Mount Olympus; while returning, however, they were ambushed by the transforming vehicles of M.A.S.K., who captured Kup, though Aileron was able to escape. Kup was subsequently liberated from G.I. Joe headquarters on Governor's Island by Ian Noble, the Action Man, who the old 'bot took an immediate liking to. Together, they drove to Monument Valley, and participated in the final battle against the enerchanged Baron Karza-Dire Wraith hybrid. Revolution TFWikiFavicon.png The Modern World TFWikiFavicon.png

Subsequently, Pauline Bestley brought Kup into the Action Man Programme as an outside contractor. Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Action Man and Kup would continue working together, including the investigation of the Talisman in Schleteva; after Ian was teleported away by Major Bludd, Kup was eager to attack the Section Sabine moonbase and rescue his human pal. After rescuing their friend and securing the Talisman, the Revolutionaries consulted Bulletman for information on Garrison Kreiger who directed them to Kalistan. There Kup was forced to engage his former trainees, the Predacons now able to form Predaking. After the mind-control signal had been destroyed, Predaking disassembled with Kup blowing Razorclaw's head off. The Revolutionaries then made their way to San Francisco where they captured the latest Cobra Commander and met a lost Eukarian known as Centurion. The group then stormed Kreiger's base in Brasnya only for Kup and Garrison Blackrock to be knocked into stasis by the anti-Cybertronian defences. The two rebooted in time to meet the time lost Sgt. Savage. Awaiting a G.I. Joe extraction team in Buenos Aires, Kup told Centurion of Cybertron only for the Eukarian to betray the team. The two Transformers engaged in combat only for the Dire Wraith mutates to swarm past them. When the villains teleported away with the Talisman, Centurion threw himself in front of the device's energies, seemingly dying before returning to life and revealing he was now a composite being made up of himself and Atomic Man. Revolutionaries

When Earth was due to join the Council of Worlds, Kup and Ian watched the festivities from a balcony before the Iron Ring attacked. Kup joined Arcee in fighting the Iron Grenadiers and Red Shadows before Optimus and Ian revealed that Centurion and Blackrock had been abducted by Colditz. At Optimus's command, the Revolutionaries set out to find their lost teammates. Unification Day: Dawn TFWikiFavicon.png When they caught up to the villains, Kreiger remotely activated the Talisman energy within Centurion to try and force his allies to kill him. The Revolutionaries managed to talk Centurion into stasis lock, leaving him alive but at the cost of the heroes being unable to use him to stop Kreiger. Unification Day: Dusk TFWikiFavicon.png

After Kreiger had been revealed as "Merklynn" and used the Talisman to create New Prysmos, Kup and Ironhide were sent to negotiate with the Prysmosians. Though Kup and Leoric quickly found themselves in the same boat, Ironhide and Virulina's unwillingness to compromise hampered the discussions. After a meeting with Wheeljack revealed the Talisman was burrowing its way to Vector Sigma, Ironhide and Kup returned to the city for another discussion. When Virulina revealed she knew of the Talisman's actions, Ironhide attacked her. She responded with a magical spear and Kup threw himself in front of his friend. The raw corrosive energies of Prysmosian magic however rapidly withered and disintegrated Kup's body, killing him on the spot. Schismatic TFWikiFavicon.png

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