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An accomplished thespian since childhood, Alison R. Hart-Burnett's acting skills are some of the best around. A bit of a method actor, Alison has the special gift of being able to fully inhabit her characters mentally, physically, and even vocally, given her mastery of a wide variety of languages and specific dialects from all over the world. While she certainly could have had a life of fame ahead of her, Alison ultimately decided that her acting skills would best be put to use not on the stage or screen, but for her country instead. With talents like hers, it's no wonder why eventually the elite G.I. Joe team eventually came calling for Alison, giving her a spot on the team with the codename Lady Jaye! Her acting skills are far from the only thing she brings to the table, however, as Jaye is also formidable in the field of close quarters combat, especially when she has her trusty metal baton or, more recently, a javelin at her disposal.

Tough as nails and never afraid to speak her mind (at times regardless of whether or not doing so is actually appropriate), Lady Jaye didn't get many opportunities to show her acting chops during the early part of her career with the Joes. Initially serving as the gruff Master-at-Arms for G.I. Joe's Washington, D.C. facility, Jaye would later get the opportunity to do more work out in the field after being reassigned to Flint's intelligence unit in Las Vegas but was still rarely called on for undercover work. Now that the G.I. Joe team has gone international, however, Jaye has finally been given her time to shine with her new position as the team's covert operations specialist.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Born in Martha's Vineyard, Massechusets to a proud Irish family, Alison Hart-Burnett had a happy childhood, taking a heavy interest in acting from a young age. She would further pursue this interest as she went off to college at Bryn Mawr, eventually becoming something of a method actor with the ability to fully inhabit her characters. She'd augment these skills with the mastery of language that came with her joint degree in linguistics as well as psychology. After attaining her masters degree from Trinity College in Ireland, she returned to the U.S. and made an abrupt left turn from her path towards academia, joining the U.S. military so she could use her talents to serve her country rather than just entertain.

Attaining the rank of Staff Sargent and graduating from the Army Airborne and Ranger Schools, Alison eventually came to the attention of the elite G.I. Joe team and was invited to join under the codename Lady Jaye. Lady Jaye profile

Master-at-Arms[edit | edit source]

At some point after joining G.I. Joe she was made Master-at-Arms of the team's facility in Washington, D.C.. With evidence pointing towards there being a second Cobra mole inside the base, Firewall assigned Lady Jaye to protect the team's ex-Cobra asset Chameleon as well as assist her in finding the mole, something Jaye was less than enthused about. Cobra vol. 2 #6 Standing guard outside of Chameleon's office, Jaye explained to Firewall that her charge was refusing her help, as she thought that she'd get in the way more than she'd actually help. Standing by as the other two women talked, Jaye began taking off towards the armory when Chameleon raised her theory that their mole would soon be following the example set by the rest of the increasingly aggressive Cobra and give up on hiding; Firewall stopped her, reminding her that Chameleon's safety was her responsibility, meaning that she had to bring her along too. Grabbing a pistol for herself and Chameleon, Jaye rushed down to the base's vehicle hangar where Firewall was fighting with Steeler, who had now revealed himself as the mole. After taking a bullet to the shoulder, Jaye elbowed the traitorous Joe in the back of the head before pulling out her baton and continued fighting against him until he stabbed her in the stomach. Even though she was bleeding out on the ground, Jaye refused to give up and grabbed Steeler's knife off the ground before stabbing him in the Achilles tendon. Cobra vol. 2 #7 Despite the seriousness of her injuries, it didn't take long for her to get back up on her feet, though she would still have to wait a while before she was cleared for active duty again. Cobra vol. 2 #8 Once she was active, she would occasionally go to visit the comatose Chameleon. Son of the Snake, Part 2

With the Washington facility being shut down, Lady Jaye was among the Joes stationed at that facility reassigned to Flint's new intelligence unit in Las Vegas, operating out of the Gemini casino. After Chameleon attempted to kill Tomax Paoli, Lady Jaye hung out by her cell in the brig and chatted with her. She complimented her attempted assassination of the Cobra defector, having spent the past three weeks feeling creeped out by Paoli. Son of the Snake, Part 1 Patrolling the halls, Lady Jaye spotted Chameleon throwing away the steak Tomax had gotten from the casino's restaurant and inquired as to where she'd gotten it. As Chameleon explained, she invited Jaye to come have the restaurant's chef prepare them something before she fired him over security concerns. As the two ate their five-star meal, Chameleon thanked Jaye for saving her life during the incident in the tank hangar, though Jaye felt she didn't deserve thanks for almost getting her killed. As they finished their meal, Jaye invited Chameleon to join her in the spa for a massage before she went and fired those staff members as well. Son of the Snake, Part 2

Traveling to Zurich with Ronin to kidnap and interrogate the son of the former Cobra Commander, Jaye was skeptical of her teammate's claim that Mr. Kessler-Latta was actually a pretty okay guy, though she also questioned her slapping him around to wake him up as well as her theft of an ambulance to transport him. As Jaye explained why they'd kidnapped him and tried to talk him into helping them, the safehouse's power was suddenly cut. Son of the Snake, Part 3 Readying her gun, Jaye refused to let Ronin cut William loose but a sudden flashbang cut their argument off. Knocking William to the ground, Jaye was instructed by Ronin to run along the room's east wall and fire her gun as she did so. With this distracting the intruder long enough for Ronin to get the jump on him, Jaye picked up the Cobra operative's night vision goggles after Ronin pulled them off, allowing her to get a shot off on him. While blinded by sunlight let in when the intruder ripped a board off a window, Lady Jaye's life was saved when William dove in front of her to take several bullets for her. Once she had her wits about her, Jaye extended her baton and began beating Blacklight with it before setting off another flashbang that she pressed up directly against the Cobra's face when he began to get an advantage over her. With him blinded, Jaye was able to kick him out the window before calling in for immediate medical support and extraction. Son of the Snake, Part 4

With Chameleon seeming to begin taking a more active role out in the field rather than sticking to her administrative duties, Lady Jaye took it upon herself to start trying to train her. As they sparred, Chameleon had a flashback to her fight with Steeler when Jaye pulled a reversal on her and wrestled her to the ground, causing her to call off their session to Jaye's concern. Blood Lines

As Flint watched a news report on a Cobra base in Russia being attacked by a seemingly domestic military force, she answered her commander's question as to Ronin's whereabouts before predicting that she was about to get in another fight sometime soon. After retrieving the team's resident ninja for Flint's meeting about the incident in Russia, Lady Jaye escorted Tomax out of the room when he began angering Flint. Oktober Guard, Part 1 With the Oktober Guard giving Ronin more trouble than anticipated, Lady Jaye accompanied Flint and Chameleon as they embarked for Russia to retrieve her. As they moved through airport security, Lady Jaye raised her concerns with Flint about whether of not bringing Chameleon along on a potentially combat-heavy mission was smart. Her commanding officer played off her concerns, however, insisting that Chameleon's knowledge of the former Cobra base the Guard was operating out of meant they couldn't afford to leave her behind.

As the trio moved towards and through the abandoned mansion, Jaye continued raising concerns about the ramshackle nature of the plan until she spotted Gorky exiting a room. Deducing that room must be where Ronin was being held, Jaye moved in and asked a nervous Chameleon to cover her. As she began working to free Ronin, the ninja warned Jaye that Daina was approaching from behind. Though she prepared to fight the Guardswoman, Gorky then returned with a knife to Chameleon's throat, forcing her to stand down. Oktober Guard, Part 3 While sitting in a cell with her teammates, Jaye began to hear explosions from outside and briefly became hopeful that maybe help had arrived for them only for her hopes to be shut down by reality checks from Flint and Chameleon. As Vipers stormed the prison and killed the guards, Jaye attempted to stop the Cobra troops from killing Chameleon as well only for the now-freed Ronin to do the job for her. Letting the injured Ronin lean against her, Jaye and the other Joes began focusing on escaping the mansion before Cobra completely demolished it. As Chameleon expressed doubt that she could lead them out, doing so meaning she'd have to relive some traumatic memories, Jaye sternly told her that she didn't have much of a choice. Oktober Guard, Part 4

I need intel, not taxpayer dollars.
I need to know what I'm up against.

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G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files

International Hero[edit | edit source]

Some years later, after G.I. Joe had been shut down and later recommissioned as an international peacekeeping force, Lady Jaye was brought back on. While sitting with Gung-Ho and Cover Girl in the Lemuria's mess hall, Jaye and Gung-Ho were assigned an undercover mission infiltrating an anarchist group in Athens, Greece to gather intel on behalf of the Greek government. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #1 TFWikiFavicon.png Disguised as backpacking lovers, Jaye and Gung-Ho arrived at the meeting and discovered the anarchists were organizing under the symbol of the supposedly defunct Cobra. While her partner thought this was a simple case of kids trying to get rise out of people, Jaye felt there was something deeper going on and reported what they'd seen to Scarlett. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #2 TFWikiFavicon.png After being given robes that also bore the Cobra logo at the next meeting, Jaye and Gung-Ho discovered that the leaders of the group were secretly Dire Wraiths as well and that they had been found out. As the anarchists turned on them, Jaye whipped out her new laser javelin and began fighting their foes off while calling in for extraction. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #3 TFWikiFavicon.png Though the run of the mill humans were no match for the two highly trained Joes, the Dire Wraiths were another issue until back-up arrived in the form of Snake Eyes and Agent Helix, the two of them making an explosive entrance before escorting the two of them out. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #4 TFWikiFavicon.png

Lady Jaye attended an all-hands meeting aboard the Lemuria regarding the gigantic monsters who'd begun attacking the surface. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #5 TFWikiFavicon.png

Lady Jaye was part of the Joe team sent to secure Garrison Kreiger and the Talisman from the Onyx facility in Buenos Aires. After their transport was taken out, Jaye joined her teammates in jumping onto the roof of the building and fighting back against the Iron Ring forces who'd arrived to take Krieger back. When Eagles Scream TFWikiFavicon.png Ghost in the Machine TFWikiFavicon.png

On the day of Earth's induction into the Cybertronian Council of Worlds, Jaye sat in the Lemuria's monitor womb watching the event unfold on television, munching on popcorn while making fun of how people in the crowd were dressed. After Baron Ironblood, the supervillain persona of G.I. Joe founder Joe Colton, interrupted the ceremony and began leading an attack on the crowd that had gathered, Jaye was made part of Scarlett's team to investigate a bunker in the Swiss Alps that Colton had been operating out of. First Strike #1 TFWikiFavicon.png Once reaching Colton's office, Jaye voiced doubts things could get much worse for the team after the challenge of getting to said office in the first place. As she finished though, the team suddenly found a legion of Red Shadows ninja descending upon them! Fighting their way back out and narrowly avoiding getting caught in the base's self destruction, Jaye implored her commander to try underachieving sometime. First Strike #2 TFWikiFavicon.png

Staging an attack on Castle Destro with Soundwave and two of the Torchbearers so they could gain access to the Space Bridge Colton's team used to reach Cybertron, Jaye jokingly promised that they'd keep Soundwave safe, something that went right over his head. After arriving on the planet, the team stole a couple of Razorbacks that they then drove through enemy lines until they spotted Ironblood. After Soundwave used a single sonic attack to take down the enemy forces, Jaye reluctantly admitted that she could see how Colton reached the conclusion that Cybertronians were a major threat that needed to be eliminated even if she didn't agree with it. With "Ironblood" turning out to be Dr. Mindbender in disguise rather than Colton, Jaye and the others continued on their mission to stop their founder until they were stopped by Cybertronian security forces so they could be brought before the Council for trial. First Strike #3 TFWikiFavicon.png After being brought to a holding cell following Scarlett's failed attempt at explaining to the furious Transformers what was actually going on, Jaye expressed worry that their leader seemed to be sitting around and stewing rather than actively working to break out of the cell so they could get back to stopping Colton. First Strike #4 TFWikiFavicon.png Shortly after he and Scarlett had a conversation, the team was broken out of prison by Optimus Prime, who then helped escort them through Cybertron's innards along with Arcee and Soundwave as they rushed to beat Colton's team to Cybertron's core, Jaye helping to fight the Red Shadows that stood in their way.

With the Joes and their Cybertronian allies arriving just before Colton's Iron Ring, Jaye muttered about Scarlett and Joe's peculiar relationship before standing alongside her as the two teams prepared to face off. First Strike #5 TFWikiFavicon.png As the fight began, Jaye teamed up with Roadblock against Miles Mayhem, claiming that they were only fighting him because they'd lost a bet with Mayhem's former students Matt Trakker and Gloria Baker. While everyone else was embroiled in the chaos, Lady Jaye, Roadblock, and Matt were the only ones who noticed Garrison Krieger slipping away and beginning to activate the Talisman and bring the plan to fruition. Though she chucked her laser javelin at him, she was too late to stop Krieger, who had now revealed himself as a Prysmosian by the name of "Merklynn", from activating the Talisman. Though it wasn't quite the genocide Colton had been attempting, Merklynn's actions still majorly depleted Cybertron's energon supplies, rendering the Joes' victory fairly pyrrhic even though the rest of the evil-doers were now in custody. Commenting that she didn't quite understand why the giant robots who'd arrested him didn't just squash Colton, Jaye attempted to rush her comrades back to Earth before Shipwreck could get the chance to bake the Joes some sort of ultra-healthy, environmentally conscious "Welcome Home" cake. First Strike #6 TFWikiFavicon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While Lady Jaye being part of G.I. Joe's intelligence unit is true to her file card listing her specialty as intelligence, it wasn't until the fifth volume of IDW's G.I. Joe comics that her specific specialty of being an undercover operative with the ability to pass for several different nationalities came to the fore in this continuity.

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