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The woman called Larissa is an enigma. A skilled scientist, medic and warrior who created her own Orbital Defender force-field technology powered by her own biology, she prefers to remain secretive about herself, keeping her past hidden from her allies and enemies alike.

Joining Oziron Rael's crew of Micronauts through a quirk of fate, she may not fully trust her new allies, but is dedicated to their mission of saving Microspace from the twin threats of the entropy cloud and Baron Karza. However, she might know more about the latter than she lets on...


The mysterious agent[edit]

Larissa was an artificially-gestated child who was raised by Baron Karza and his wife Shazraella. Micronauts Annual 2017 At some point she abandoned them under unknown circumstances, and eventually began working for Hezlee Ferro as a security agent. Micronauts #1

After Saqqura was destroyed by the Entropy Cloud, Larissa was introduced by Ferro to the smuggler Oziron Rael and his crew, who Ferro had tasked with retrieving medicine from Valtricos research station for him, and had Larissa accompany him on the Heliopolis to protect his interests. Oz, Larissa, the team's Acroyear and Phenolo-Phi warped from the Heliopolis aboard the station, with Larissa criticising the crew's use of mind-affecting warpcore technology; they were quickly found by Valtricos's crew of sentry-bots, which Larissa used her personal force-field technology to defend the team from. Upon discovering that the orbital research station did not carry medical supplies but biological weapons, Larissa — along with her new allies and a Biotron unit — was ejected from the station when a group of pre-conditioned Phobos units attacked them. Micronauts #1

As the Micronauts fell to the planet below, Larissa used her force-fields to provide the team cover against the atmosphere and slow their descent. Once they landed, Larissa accompanied Oz, Microtron and Biotron in a supply run to a native settlement; on the way, Larissa persuaded Oz that she hadn't been aware of the station's true nature. When Valtricos automatically deployed a biological weapon onto the planet's surface, Larissa used her force-fields to contain it before Oz sealed it into Biotron's chest compartment, preventing it from harming the natives. When the Micronauts were attacked by an Acroyear II swarm sent by the Ministry of Defense Larissa protected the natives (and Oz) against her attacks, but eventually ran out of power for the shields; however, the team was eventually "saved" by the intervention of Baron Daegon and his Space Gliders. Micronauts #2 Larissa and the rest of the team were locked in a holding cell on a Ministry of Science ship, where Oz explained his history with the Ministry to them. Micronauts #3

When the holding facility was attacked by Ministry of Defense forces aiming to capture Oziron, the Acroyear II warriors identified Larissa as a secondary target, but the ship's shields were restored before they could capture either Micronaut. The team took the opportunity to escape, fighting their way to Biotron and the Heliopolis; once they found Biotron, however, the group was cornered by Acroyear II forces, led by the first-generation Acroyear Commander Raith. The Micronauts fought off the enemy forces, but Oz was stabbed in the chest by Raith, through Biotron's canopy. Micronauts #5 Through mysterious forces, Oz was restored to life and consciousness, and Biotron — now a conscious, living being that had picked up Oz's thought patterns — led the team to the Heliopolis, which the team used to escape the Ministry of Science ship; when Oz explained his intent to use the ship's warpcore to punch safely through the entropy storm in the hope of saving Microspace, Larissa objected at first, but eventually agreed to his plan. Micronauts #6

Through the storm[edit]

After flying into the Cloud, the Micronauts were attacked by Reptos, a race of beings previously thought destroyed by the cloud. Larissa fought alongside Oz and Phen until the crew was saved from the Reptos by the mysterious Time Traveler. Several days into their journey, while tracking a mysterious energy source, the Micronauts received a message from Baron Karza. Karza told them that though it had only been a few days for them inside the storm, years had passed for him after he followed them into the cloud. The Micronauts soon arrived at the location of the energy source, or as Karza called it, the birthplace of Microspace: the body of Micronus Prime. Micronauts: Revolution

Find the truth that will save your universe.
Microspace needs you to live, Oziron Rael.

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