Leonard Song

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Despite great intelligence, it is possible to be extremely stupid. And Leonard Song is the proof. An overeager, and supremely gullible, military scientist, he's not a bad person nor is he actively trying to bring harm to anyone, he merely wants to do his part in protecting Earth. He's just blind to the fact that the people he works frequently express the opinion of humans being insects, take hostages and won't hesitate to kill him should be prove too annoying to keep around.


Stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Leonard showed off the last remaining copy of a video detailing the destruction of Cooper's Mill by Rom Space Alien. His colleagues were unimpressed viewing "Rom" as a sub-par CGI image and saying Cooper's Mill was destroyed by a faulty gas line. Leonard soon came into the sights of Dire Wraith David Dubosky who seized his phone, dismissed his "friends" and brought Leonard down to the room where Rom was being held. When Darby Mason freed Rom, Song was ordered by Dubosky to hold Darby down. Darby overpowered him almost instantly only to be knocked out by a solider as a hostage for use against Rom. Asking if Darby had been killed, the soldier said he hoped not but couldn't be sure due to human fragility prompting Leonard to question his wording before Rom's Neutralizer stabbed through him, prompting Leonard to mutter he had no idea what was happening. Earthfall: Part Four

After a genetic test performed on the corpses found in Cooper's Mill revealed Human DNA, Song became convinced that Rom was a threat to human kind (or that Wraiths could mimic Human DNA) and researched Space Knight armor. Finding that it kept its pilot constantly plugged into the internet, Leonard sought to exploit the link and assume remote control of Rom's armor. He presented his findings and idea to Dubosky. Reinforcements, Part 3

Dubosky sent him to Seattle to meet Caleb Awan to discuss the project. Though Leonard felt he'd made good strides, he didn't think the interface was ready prompting Caleb to casually order Axiom to murder Song. Leonard's instinctive defense pose however locked Axiom in the same position showing the interface was ready. Interlude