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How are you not a Dreadnok?

Wielding the protective magic of the armadillo, Lexor is one of the most loyal Darkling Lords there is, voting with his leader Virulina on most issues.


As with his fellow Darkling Lords, Lexor was recruited into the Visionaries for his magical prowess before Darkstorm's ambition caused the group to splinter, Lexor joining his new master. When the Trinary De-Alignment tore Prysmos to shreds, Lexor managed to escape the planet in time.

In 2018, he came to inhabit New Prysmos on Cybertron. During a meeting of the Visionaries, he sided with Virulina's proposal of a Cybertronian genocide. After Witterquick snarked at Lexor's blind faith to his leader, the Darkling Lord defended his actions, saying the safety and security of the Prysmosian people had to be considered above all else. Schismatic TFWikiFavicon.png

After Virulina had murdered Kup and declared war on Cybertron, Lexor was sent to destroy Pylon Two to bring down the quarantine shield. Before he could destroy the generator, he was confronted by Ectar. Uninterested in the Spectral Knight's moral posturing, Lexor jumped into action only to be sent tumbling by a mighty blow. Before Ectar could finish him off however, the Spectral Knight was chased away by the common folk, allowing Lexor to destroy the generator. Cybertron No More TFWikiFavicon.png

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