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Lieutenant Stone is the extreme host and commander of Survival Extreme, the most extreme military reality show on the air! He's one extremely tough customer, pal! He lives for the extreme! He's definitely not just some actor who'll start crying extremely loud whenever things start to get a little bit too extreme!


Lieutenant Stone was the host of Survival Extreme. During the filming of the show's last episode, wherein finalists Courtney Kreiger and Richard Ruby would be facing off in a challenge involving traversing a minefield, Stone was frustrated by his crew's technical problems interrupting the filming of his segments. Between takes, Stone explained to a curious Kreiger that the mines they had there on the beach were real but that they were only for filming the explosions and the mines she and Ruby would have to deal with were just noisemakers. He then pointed her towards where they were supposed to be set up.

While Kreiger was gone, a group of Nanzhonese pirates found Stone and the crew and took them hostage. As one of the pirates stuck a gun in his face and demanded to know which army they were with, Stone burst into tears and insisted they were just there to film a TV show. Pleading for his life, he then offered to tell them where Kreiger was, telling the pirates she would make for a much more valuable ransom than him. The pirates later gave Stone a radio, demanding that he call his "people" and tell them that the pirates were going to kill everybody if they weren't paid. Shortly there after, Kreiger picked off one of the pirates with a rifle, prompting the one remaining pirate to grab Stone and put a gun to his head. He was then quickly saved by Richard Ruby putting his judo skills to use. Threat Matrix, Prologue: Cover Girl


  • Lieutenant Stone is based on the protagonist of the 90s G.I. Joe reboot G.I. Joe Extreme. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the original version of the character was far more extreme than the IDW version.