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This article is about the lobster-monster. For the infestation, see Lobros (pest).
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Lobros are ugly, vaguely lobster-like creatures from Microspace. One of them served as part of the Ministry of War under Membros during their invasion of Earth.

Their connection to the Lobros that infest things are unknown. (Maybe they're a related species, or maybe they Enerchanged with them?)

Fiction[edit | edit source]

A pack of four Lobros dwelling on Throne World ran an extortion racket on those on the streets; unfortunately for them, they tried this on Larissa, who took them all down in less than a minute with her Orbital Defender gear. Larissa profile

One Lobros was part of the crew of Membros's ship when it shot down the Heliopolis, and left the ship along with its teammates to capture the Micronauts; during the fight with Acroyear, it grabbed the super-soldier's arm to stop him from attacking his fellow Acroyear Raith. When the crew went to collect the Micronaut from the Heliopolis wreckage he had been punched into, Lobros was knocked down by a thrown Weeble, before Acroyear was taken down by Membros. Wrath of Karza #2

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Lobros's original Micronauts toy packaging described it as "the scaley creature from the deepest oceans of Zenon", but it's unknown if it comes from anywhere called Zenon in IDW continuity.

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