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Madmartigan (or just Mads) is the pet cat of Misfits frontwoman Pizzazz. Believing her to be a giant, green haired cat, Madmartigan has a deep love for her owner and does her best to comfort her during difficult times.


Madmartigan was sleeping on top of Pizzazz when she was woken up by her phone blowing up with notifications about the incident at Jem and the Holograms' concert at the Starlight Foundation benefit. Her horrified reaction sent Mads running off. As Pizzazz shared the news with her bandmates, Mads stuck close to her and nuzzled against her. Showtime: Part Five

When Pizzazz ended up in the hospital after a car accident, Roxy and Jetta picked up Madmartigan and snuck her into Pizzazz's room. Rio Pacheco: Boy Reporter

After The Holograms and The Misfits were made to get each other gifts as part of a Secret Santa, the thoughtfulness of Jem's gift of an engraved collar for Madmartigan was enough to get Pizzazz to reconsider not getting anything for her nemesis. Holiday Special 2015

One morning, while her bandmates were waiting for Pizzazz to get up, Jetta played with Madmartigan by teasing her with a ribbon, joking that she'd adopt Mads if Pizzazz were to die from her injuries. Once Pizzazz finally came down, she told Jetta to stop since she believed Mads hated it when she teased her like that. Both Jetta and Mads disagreed with that. After the other three Misfits suddenly left, Mads nuzzled against Pizzazz as she sat alone, curled up on the couch. Dark Jem: Part One Madmartigan rarely left her owner's side while she sat at home alone, injured such that she couldn't sing while her bandmates were on tour. She slept against Pizzazz when she watched a video of The Misfits performing with their new lead singer Blaze Dark Jem: Part Three and when she finally received a call back from her distant father. Dark Jem: Part Four

After The Misfits had gotten dropped from their label, Madmartigan sensed the growing anger in Pizzazz's voice as she discussed the band's future with Eric Raymond and took off running. Our Songs Are Better: Part 1 When it was decided that the only way the band could have a future was by doing a reality show, Pizzazz calmed herself after an argument with Roxy by petting Mads. Our Songs Are Better: Part 2


  • Madmartigan is named after the Val Kilmer character from the 1988 film Willow.
  • According to her bio, Madmartigan is 2 years old, 6.5 inches tall, and can (poorly) play the piano.