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Not yet known to have written poetry rhyming "woozy" with "uzi".

Unlike the rest of Cobra, Major Sebastian Bludd is a working man, a family man. A rustic but professional businessman who knows the value of hard work and getting his hands dirty, Bludd is devoted to providing for his family and giving them a good life... which makes it a pity that his chosen area of business is murder, theft, drug dealing and myriad other atrocities. It's not that he takes pleasure in inflicting pain and horror on others, he just doesn't care; it's what he's good at, and it will always let him provide for him and his own. Whether running a gulag, orchestrating the regional drug trade, or leading a band of disposessed mercenaries, Bludd will always do his job and do it well, and make a tidy profit doing it.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

The working man[edit | edit source]

Sebastian Bludd was born in San Diego, California Major Bludd profile to an American mother and an Australian father. Their family moved back to his grandfather's farm in Australia as soon as he was born, Blood Lines but the farm was soon foreclosed upon, leading his grandfather to hang himself. Bludd's father took up work in a factory, but it too was closed, Major Bludd leaving the family too poor to ever move back to the USA; the young Sebastian, however, would dream of America and the opportunities it offered. Once he grew older, Bludd joined Australia's Special Air Service Regiment, seeing it as the best way to leave the country; despite his lack of love for his nation, his ambition and hard work saw him rise quickly to the rank of Major. In the S.A.S. Bludd was deployed to "hellholes" such as Cambodia, where he and his men would take advantage of local illegal activities, providing private security for drug lords. This lasted until, after seven months in Cambodia, his men—jumpy and paranoid from drug use—massacred a bus full of missionaries; Bludd responded by executing the perpetrators, setting fire to their camp and bodies, and going AWOL, making his way to eastern Europe.

Embracing a criminal lifestyle, Major Bludd thrived thanks to his training and his weapons and drugs contacts in southeast Asia. During this time, he married his first wife, Catherine; however, she eventually betrayed him with her lover Danny while he was moving a small arms shipment for Colonel Shtern, leading to him being arrested in St. Petersburg. Shtern pulled strings to have him released and had his jailers shipped to a gulag; when Shtern made it clear that the leak must have been on Bludd's end, he tracked down Danny and Catherine and killed both with an assault rifle. As Catherine was dying, he tried to ask her why she had betrayed him, but she attacked him with a shard of glass, putting out his left eye. Blood Lines Bludd would go on to move to America and form a new family, one who had no idea of his criminal activities, and whom he lavished with gifts and attention; he also brought his ailing father back from Australia to live with his new family. Major Bludd

Eventually, Major Bludd's skills brought him to the attention of Cobra. The Baroness was dispatched to recruit him, but instantly took a dislike of him thanks to the dirt on his fingers and his attitude towards doing his own work, which she considered to be "folksy outback wisdom"; Bludd, for his part, disliked the Baroness for her superiority complex and lacking sense of humor. Though Bludd never fit in among the other members of Cobra High Command, he saw something of himself in Cobra Commander, and believed that he had been brought in thanks to the Commander sharing his values as a "businessman". Blood Lines

As a member of the organization, Bludd helped Cobra to dominate the drug trade, doing business both in the Golden Triangle The Origin of Cobra Commander and in South America. Major Bludd During forcible acquisition of the drug trade of the criminal Trahn in the Golden Triangle, Bludd was impressed by the ruthlessness of a young mercenary who he nicknamed "Krake", after a species of snake from Australia. Bludd recruited "Krake" to work for Cobra, but the young man refused to be anyone's lapdog and ended up dumped on the streets of Hong Kong by the Baroness for his insolence.

Bludd was hired by wannabe dictator President Mrubu to lead his war efforts and help conquer the Free Republic of Bruwunda. Bludd had difficulty in working with Mrubu's inexperienced soldiers, but Cobra's investment of air support helped to turn the war in his favor, even if the President did refuse to "buck up the troops" by actually being in Bruwunda. Presented with six captured rebels, Bludd ordered his subordinates to butcher five and set the sixth free, hoping to frighten the other rebels into surrender. Soon after, he was found once more by Krake, who wished to make a deal: in exchange for a position of power within Cobra and the money to surgically alter his appearance, Krake would deliver the Chinese triads into Cobra's power. Bludd was present in Valparaiso, Chile for Krake's delivery of his data, and later when Cobra Commander praised Krake for embodying the spirit of Cobra, dismissing the Baroness's distrust of the young man as mere jealousy. The Origin of Cobra Commander

Bludd also spent some time with insurgents in Trucial, offering some of them employment with Cobra, but withdrew his offer when a lone soldier was able to rally against an insurgent platoon. Homefront, Part 3

Section 10[edit | edit source]

Some time after joining Cobra, Major Bludd was assigned to run their gulag, Section 10, in Russia's Yakutia republic. Major Bludd profile Though he saw it as a slight against him, assuming it was suggested by the Baroness, Bludd took to the assignment with his usual ethos of hard work; within a year, he was running the prison so efficiently that he was able to run additional operations and spend more time with his family. Blood Lines While running the gulag, he met Andrei "Dragonsky" Freisov, and began working with him. Major Bludd profile Under Bludd's leadership, any guard of Section 10 who allowed a prisoner to escape or die would become a prisoner himself, to encourage dedication and keep the inmate population constant. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #17

I need intel, not taxpayer dollars.
I need to know what I'm up against.

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Oktober guardsman[edit | edit source]

I need intel, not taxpayer dollars.
I need to know what I'm up against.

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Major Bludd was amongst the heroes and villains gathered inside Trypticon to defend the Earth against Unicron. Unicron #5 TFWikiFavicon.png

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