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The Mamba is a specialized, dual rotor helicopter used by Cobra. In addition to the vehicle's intermeshing rotors, the other notable feature of the Mamba is the two pods positioned on the sides of the vehicle's main cockpit which are able to be launched from the Mamba's main body and fly around independently.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

A Mamba may or may not have dropped the bomb that leveled the town of Springfield. The Betrayers Part 4

At least one Mamba was stationed at Cobra Section Zero and was among the vehicles evacuating the base after it was set to self-destruct. M.A.S.S. Destruction, Part 4

After making their escape from The Pit, Cobra agents Zartan and Storm Shadow were picked up by a Mamba. When their take off was witnessed by a G.I. Joe team sent to chase after them, the Mamba launched a missile at the group in hopes of killing them but they only succeeded in blowing up a Humvee. With two nearby F22s alerted to the Mamba's presence, the vehicle was now pursued by two missiles it had no hopes of escaping. After waiting for the last possible second, the two pods were launched, allowing Zartan and Storm Shadow to escape while causing the Joes to believe they'd been killed. G.I. Joe vol. 2 #4

Mambas were used in the opening attack in Cobra's invasion of Nanzhao, several of the vehicles opening fire on a group of soldiers who were threatening gold miners before firebombing the installation. Cobra Command, Part 1

A trio of Mambas came across the C-17s used by the G.I. Joe to LALO jump into Mekong. The Mamba pilot then launched the vehicles pods, which were being piloted by members of The Coil who proceeded to perform a suicide attack on the planes. While at least one of the pod pilots were successful, the others were shot down by Scarlett with the machine gun of the RIB. Target: Snake Eyes Part 5

A Mamba accompanied the Buzzard that was sent to deploy troops to take out the Special Missions team when they interrupted Destro's test of the B.A.T.-enhanced Urso. Destro Must Die, Part 3 While that Mamba was presumably destroyed when the Joes commandeered the Buzzard, several more were scrambled after the team returned to Castle Destro. Destro Must Die, Part 4

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While they might look strange, helicopters with intermeshing rotors like the Mamba's are Science Fact!
  • The helicopter that dropped the bomb on Springfield was a Mamba in the final page of The Betrayers Part 4 but was depicted as a more normal looking helicopter at the beginning of the next issue.

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