Mantlo Park

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Mantlo Park is a park in Cooper's Mill.


In a highly unusual move, the Dire Wraiths assimilated all of Cooper's Mill including the flora and fauna of the park.

On her first day back home at 1:45pm, Darby Mason, recently returned from military combat, went for a walk in the park with her family. Her family however had all been replaced by Wraiths with her "father" attempting to assimilate her.

Rom arrived at that moment to save Darby and slew her "family". The other Wraiths used their smartphones to upload videos of Rom killing "humans" to YouTube before the trees and flowers came to life and tried to entrap the Space Knight. His propulsion system proved able to break free however and he used his Neutralizer to set fire to the park. Earthfall: Part One The park was presumably completely razed when Rom destroyed Cooper's Mill. Earthfall: Part Two