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The name or term "Mask" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Mask (disambiguation).

Masks are the specialized weapons of M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M.. Developed by Project Spectrum, each Mask has a unique power and grant their wearer special abilities. The names of each Mask also serves as their wearer’s personal codename.

List of Masks[edit]


  • Spectrum - Able to view different visual spectrums, jam communication signals, fire laser beams, and fly. Worn by Matt Trakker.
  • Aura - Able to remotely hack into computer systems. Worn by Gloria Baker.
  • Eclipse - Able to create long-range, realistic hard-light holograms. Worn by Brad Turner.
  • Gulliver - Able to make objects shrink or grow. Worn by Julio Lopez.


  • Viper/Python - Able to create energy wires and corrosive acid. Worn by Miles Mayhem.
  • Ice Queen - Able to fire blasts of energy that freeze targets. Worn by Vanessa Warfield.
  • Stiletto - Able to fire small harpoon-like projectiles and increase their size. Worn by Sly Rax.
  • Thunderflame - Able to dispel a beam of plasma. Worn by Bruno Sheppard.
  • "Torch" - Able to dispel blasts of fire. Worn by Cliff Dagger (see "Notes", below).


  • The prototype Masks seen in the M.A.S.K.: Revolution one-shot have the same designs as their 1985 M.A.S.K. counterparts.
  • Some of the Masks received new names or powers differing from the 1985 versions:
    • Brad Turner’s "Eclipse" is actually based on his original "Hocus-Pocus" Mask, borrowing the name "Eclipse" from a different Mask worn by Turner.
    • Julio Lopez’s "Gulliver" is visually based on his traditional "Streamer" Mask, but has the name and power of the "Gulliver" mask originally worn by Calhoun Burns.
    • Vanessa Warfield’s "Ice Queen" is visually based on her original "Whip" mask, but with a new name and power.
    • Bruno Sheppard’s "Thunderflame" was originally called "Magna-Beam," and now has the power of Cliff Dagger's "Torch" Mask.
  • Miles Mayhem's Mask was first identified by name in M.A.S.K. issue 3 as "Python" the name of one of Mayhem's alternate Masks from the original series, but later referred to as "Viper" in issue 5, which it is visually based on. It doesn't help that the Mask has the powers of both Viper's and Python's powers from the 1985 series.
  • Cliff Dagger's Mask has not yet been named on-panel. For wiki purposes, we've decided call it by its original designation.