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Mmmaur. Ssspace Knight of the Solstar Order. Dddoesn’t talk much. He may or may not have a winged armored form.


Maur and Q'b were stationed at the Solstar Academy Medical Center when burn victims were brought in from across Elonia after mysterious meteors exploded. The burns, however, were the early stages of Dire Wraith infection and when the conversion was complete, the new Wraiths attacked the medical center. Maur and Q'b arrived to save Rom from a Wraith that was once his mother which Maur forced away from the boy by firing an energy blast from his mouth.

When Rom, Livia, and Fy-Laa joined the Solstar military, Maur trained them in hand-to-hand combat, insisting that only teamwork would allow them to survive in the field.

When the three found an alien ore that formed armor around them, Maur was part of the team that studied the capabilities of the armors though he was only truly interested in the power to slay Wraiths. Though he volunteered for his own suit, he was conscious that the wielders of the armor had to be subjected to rigorous testing to understand all the armor could do. Cold Fire

Years later, a dragonic Space Knight was seen defending Elonia from being consumed by the monstrous planet Unicron. The Dragon and several Knights attempted to attack Unicron through his maw, only to be destroyed by an immense eruption of energy. Our Darkest TFWikiFavicon.png


  • Though Maur displays a unique vvverbal tick with his drawn-out consonants, it isn't something he does all the time, as shown when he is training Rom and Livia in "Cold Fire".
  • How many horns Maur has seems to shift between panels, with two of the smaller protrusions occasionally disappearing.


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The identity of the dragonic Space Knight has never actually been confirmed to be Maur. The key aspects that suggest he is Maur are the brown color scheme of his armor (matching Maur's own skin, akin to other Knights like Fy-Laa), his head protrusions roughly matching Maur's horns, the fact that Maur is himself a dragon-like alien, and the fact that the dragonic Knight first appeared in a group shot in the same story that introduced Maur. However, the one time we see the dragonic Knight speak, he lack's Maur's dddistinctive verbal tick (although it should be noted that this was written by John Barber while Maur's previous appearances were written by Chris Ryall and Christos Gage, so this could be a case of author error.)

When asked if the dragonic Knight was Maur, various creators who worked on the ROM titles have given different accounts:

Due to the conflicting nature of these accounts, we here at the IDW Hasbro Wiki have opted to include information for The Dragon on Maur's page for simplicity, though the two may be distinct individuals.