Metal Mayhem

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This article is about a character or concept whose name has never been officially confirmed.
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The Metal Mayhem is a massive suit of power armor created by G.I. Joe. In addition to giving it's pilot incredible strength and surprising agility, the Metal Mayhem is also equipped with a tri-barrelled gattling gun.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

During Zartan's infiltration of The Pit, he investigated G.I. Joe's motorpool and came across the Metal Mayhem after taking the appearance of Dusty. Bursting through the wall, Zartan went on a brief rampage through The Pit until he came across the cell of the Viper G.I. Joe was holding prisoner. After murdering him, Scarlett, Flint, and Helix arrived and took the Metal Mayhem out with an EMP grenade. G.I. Joe vol. 2 #2

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While the Metal Mayhem goes unnamed in it's single appearance, it's clearly based on the Sigma 6 powered armor. Deep pull!

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