Micronauts: Revolution

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Revolution one-shot
MicronautsRevolution1 regcvr.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing, Ted Adams
First published September 28, 2016
Cover date September 2016
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Chris Panda
Colors by David Garcia Cruz
Letters by Tom B. Long
Editor John Barber

The Micronauts discover the origin of their universe.


Inside the entropy cloud, the Heliopolis is failing, floundering... and under attack? Against all the odds, the Micronauts find themselves under attack by Reptos, a race of scavengers whose planet of Sauria was one of the first to be consumed by the cloud. This revelation that the cloud is perhaps not the death sentence all had assumed is tempered by the fact that the hostile aliens are now breaching the hull! Microtron redirects the shields to prevent decompression, but the crew must still deal with the boarding Reptos, whilst outside the ship, Acroyear defends Biotron as the newly-sentient robot carries out repairs.

The Micronauts fight valiantly, but are soon overwhelmed by the Reptos' sheer numbers. Microtron attempts to rush to his teammates' aid, but suddenly the danger has passed, because a Time Traveler has appeared aboard the ship! Manipulating time itself, the ethereal being sends the Reptos aboard crumbling to dust, whilst those outside flee in terror. As the damaged ship hangs motionless, Oz demands answers from the Time Traveler, but it has nothing but cryptic warnings for them, followed by a barrage of visions of events that have been and will be. With that, the glowing being disappears, leaving Phen frustrated and Oz confused, though Larissa offers him some encouraging words.

Some time later, the Heliopolis is up and running again, and Oz has Microtron run a scan for energy sources. Detecting "something big", they head off, encountering what appear to be ancient scraps of Biotron units as they travel. Without warning, the Micronauts then receive a transmission—from Baron Karza! Making a confusing reference to having been there for "years", the Baron explains how he followed them into the entropy cloud, and that he has now found the means to not only save the people of Microspace, but shepherd in a "new universal order", one that he will control. At that moment, the ship reaches the energy source's location, which also happens to be where Karza is transmitting from. As the Micronauts gaze on in confusion, the Baron announces that they are now among the lucky few to have seen the birthplace of Microspace...

For before them, hanging in space, lies the remains of their progenitor—Micronus Prime!

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


"Entropy. Collapse. Decay. Degeneration. Time is all things."

—The Time Traveler

"A bit of humility... a bit of awe... is to be expected. This is the birthplace of Microspace. From here we will revitalize our universe... and we will be unto gods."

Baron Karza has a high opinion of Micronus Prime's body.


Continuity notes[edit]

  • From the outside in, the scenes seen in the Time Traveler's montage are:
    • The mobile Ministry of Defense outpost in front of the Entropy Storm, as seen throughout the first arc.
    • A Ministry of Science Biotron being destroyed on Saqqura, as seen in issue #1.
    • An aged, scarred Oz.
    • Acroyear facing down a Giant Acroyear.
    • Baron Karza and Shazraella.
    • Larissa being infested by techno-organic tendrils.
    • A defeated Baron Daegon, blood pouring from his helmet.
    • Microtron with a hole blown in his chest.
    • Oz walking away from the aftermath of the oracle event, as seen in issue #3.
    • Phen and Biotron.
    • A group of Time Travelers.
    • The Micronauts versus Baron Daegon.
    • Membros, as seen in issue #5.
    • The planet Earth.
    • The Heliopolis flies into the Entropy Storm, as seen in issue #6.
    • Baron Karza's helmet, pitted and scarred. The damage doesn't match up, but this may be intended as the weathered helmet pulled from the Entropy Storm in issue #4.
  • They're coloured like "our" Biotron, but the wrecked units found inside the Storm may be intended as the aforementioned Ministry of Science ones from issue #1.
  • This issue was released the same week as The Transformers #57, in which Micronus was established to have founded the Titan Prion's colony before subsequently disappearing.
  • This issue leads directly into Revolution #3, which picks up again aboard the Heliopolis mere moments later.

Transformers references[edit]

Micronauts references[edit]

  • The Repto species, like nearly everything else in IDW's Micronauts, is based on a toy from the Mego toyline.
  • In addition to multiple scenes from earlier in the Micronauts comic, along with scenes of things that (presumably) haven't happened yet, a Giant Acroyear appears in the Time Traveler's vision. Giant Acroyears would properly start appearing in the tenth issue.


  • Biotron erroneously shares Microtron's yellow-on-black speech bubble style, whilst Acroyear gets Biotron's white-on-black bubbles in place of regular ones.

Covers (4)[edit]

  • Regular cover: Karza watches the image of a Time Traveler, by Chris Panda.
  • Subscription cover A: The Micronauts atop Optimus Prime's shoulder, by Casey W. Coller and Thomas Deer.
  • Subscription cover B: Blank cover for sketches.
  • Retailer incentive cover: The Micronauts face the Reptos, by Ken Christiansen, part of an interconnecting image with the twelve other Revolution issues.