Micronauts issue 5

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Micronauts #5
Micronauts5 regcvr.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing, Ted Adams
First published August 31, 2016
Written by Cullen Bunn
Line-art by Max Dunbar
Colors by David Garcia Cruz (pg 1-9, 10-11) & Ander Zarate (pg 9, 12-20)
Letters by Tom B. Long
Editor John Barber



Shazraella elaborates on her news, explaining that the Pharoid now in the clutches of Baron Daegon is the sole survivor of the oracle event. Unwilling to entrust Daegon with probing this Pharoid's secrets, Baron Karza begins preparations for a full-scale assault on the Ministry of Science, intending to distract Daegon's forces whilst a small strike team led by the first-generation Acroyear Commander Raith secures the Pharoid. Karza, meanwhile, will lead the main attack, and enerchanges into his centaur form!

Aboard the Ministry of Science flagship, Oz is returned to the cells, weary but uninjured thanks to the interrogators' orders not to permanently damage him. As the Pharoid explains that he doesn't possess the power the Baron thinks he does, the Micronauts are joined by Membros, the Ministry's chief interrogator. As the twisted creature makes promises of agony to come, however, the hull is suddenly burst open by a Ministry of Defense Hornetroid, causing explosive decompression. Jamming emergency shields, Acroyear units flood in and grab Oz, before expressing interest in Larissa as a secondary target. Attempting to stop the jailbreak, Membros attacks, but winds up sending Oz flying towards the hull breach... until the emergency shields activate, with curiously perfect timing.

With their cell destroyed, the Micronauts make a run for it, pausing only so Oz can sock Membros in the jaw. Microtron pinpoints the locations of Biotron and the Heliopolis, and along the way Acroyear makes short work of more of his second-generation cousins. The group soon reaches Biotron and their gear, but they are then cornered by more Acroyears, personally led by Raith. As the groups clash, Oz climbs aboard Biotron and starts clobbering enemies, but a warning shouted by Acroyear comes too late—Raith has flanked him, and plunges his sword straight through Biotron's canopy into the Pharoid's chest!

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Micronauts Ministry of Science Ministry of Defense


"Being at ease is an unpleasant feeling for me."
"Well, they're probably going to execute us all once they're done with me."
"That's better."

Acroyear can always rely on Oz to cheer him up.

"Look, or listen? You'll have to be both more decisive and more specific while we are working together, yes? Sometimes agony causes one to forget such things, so you should get into the practice now."

Membros is a creep.


Continuity notes[edit]

  • This issue continues directly on from issue #3, with issue #4 having taken place out of chronological sequence.

Micronauts references[edit]

  • Aside from the previously seen Acroyears and Phobos units, Karza's forces includs Hornetroids.
  • Karza's centaur enerchange is based on his original toy's combined form with his steed, Andromeda.
  • Like Antron before him, Membros was an alien figure from the fourth year of the Micronauts toyline.

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