Micronauts issue 6

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Micronauts #6
Micronauts6 regcvr.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing, Ted Adams
First published September 21, 2016
Cover date September 2016
Written by Cullen Bunn
Line-art by Max Dunbar
Colors by Ander Zarate (pg 1-3, 8-10, 13, 18-20), Joana Lafuente (pg 4-7), John-Paul Bove (14-17), Thomas Deer (11-12)
Letters by Tom B. Long
Editor David Hedgecock

Oz... dead?


As Biotron collapses with the mortally wounded Oz inside, Commander Raith executes one of his troops for questioning why he attacked them, contravening their mission to capture the Pharoid alive. As the commander duels with Acroyear, the other Micronauts attempt to help their captain, but Oz's mind drifts elsewhere...

The Pharoid wakes with a start to find himself in a strange void, filled with floating debris, and a glowing figure: a Time Traveler! As the strange being declares that Microspace has need of Oziron Rael, the Pharoid realises that he is seeing inside the entropy storm, and that the rumored connection between it and the Time Travelers really does exist. The ethereal figure bids Oz to seek out the Time Travelers within the storm—this, it says, is the key to saving Microspace.

Oz's mind snaps back to the Ministry of Science flagship, his fatal wound suddenly healed. Raith notes this with great interest, remarking that Shazraella had predicted as much, allowing Acroyear the opening to sock his kin in the jaw. Oz, meanwhile, is still taken aback by his miraculous healing, when Biotron begins to move on its own, taking the fight to the enemy. To the assembled Micronauts' shock, Biotron is now a thinking, living being in his own right! The giant robot quickly clears a path to the Heliopolis, and the crew pile aboard to make their escape. Whilst Biotron helps Microtron begin repairs on the battered craft, Oz and Larissa speculate that the mech picked up traces of the Pharoid's personality during his near-death experience.

As Oz prepares to take off, Phen warns that their proximity to the entropy storm may be such that the weakened Heliopolis cannot overcome its gravitional pull, and the captain's apparent lack of concern for this quickly worries her and Larissa. Elsewhere aboard the ship, Barons Karza and Daegon duke it out in their centaur forms, even now debating the correct course of action to stop the entropy storm. The fight is close, but eventually ends with Daegon taking a rocket-powered hand to his face. Karza cannot enjoy his victory, however, as he receives the news that the Pharoid and his companions have escaped the ship.

Aboard the Heliopolis, barreling towards the entropy storm, Oz explains his encounter with the Time Traveler to his crewmates, and his plan to use the warpcore to—perhaps—punch safely through the cloud. The captain admits that it will probably get them killed, but that it might also be their best and only chance to save the universe. The Micronauts silently agree, and the Heliopolis plunges into the storm.

But wherever they find themselves, they will not be alone—because following in their wake is Baron Karza!

Featured characters[edit]

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"To save Microspace, you must venture into the entropy storm. Seek the Time Travelers. Find the truth that will save your universe."

—The Time Traveler has an important message to impart.

"All right, then. Here goes nothing. I know, I know... none of us set out to save the universe... and there's a pretty good chance we won't even be able to save ourselves. Whatever happens... whatever we find on the other side... wherever we end up... we're going it alone."

Oz has no idea how wrong he is.


Micronauts references[edit]

  • Daegon debuts his own centaur enerchange, based on the combined form of the Force Commander toy with its Oberon steed.


  • "Daegon" is misspelled "Daigon".

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