Micronauts issue 7

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Micronauts #7
Micronauts7 regcvr.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing, Ted Adams
First published November 16, 2016
Cover date November 2016
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Max Dunbar
Colors by Ander Zarate
Letters by Tom B. Long
Editor David Hedgecock

The Micronauts are trapped among giants, and it's up to Acroyear and the 'Trons to find a way out.


Oziron Rael explains the Micronauts' recent exploits: traveling into the entropy cloud, and then into another universe, where they found themselves caught up in a war of giants. Alas, he's pretty sure that this story will be lost on his audience: a giant scientist peering into the glass case that imprisons the team of explorers! Oz's message is indeed lost on a female scientist, although she wishes should could communicate with them. Her superior, however, has no interest in such a thing, and orders that the first vivisection of the tiny aliens be carried out promptly. As the other scientist leaves, she reluctantly triggers "electro-sedation", shocking the six Micronauts into unconsciousness.

Some time later, Acroyear awakens to find himself alone inside a glass case, being wheeled along a corridor by a party of armed guards and scientists. Summoning his sword and wing-pack, the super-soldier quickly bursts free from his prison and engages the guards. Acroyear is too small for the men to hit with their assault rifles, and his incredible strength allows him to violently retaliate, knocking the giants around the corridor. Flying to a second glass case, he finds and frees the other Micronauts, but only Biotron and Microtron have regained consciousness, thanks to their mechanical natures. Gathering up their allies, the trio flee on foot, even as Biotron speculates that one of the giants may be aiding their escape: Acroyear was moved, seemingly deliberately, into an unreinforced case.

As they run, an alarm sounds throughout the building and additional guards arrive, equipped with a net-gun and attack dogs. A net delays Acroyear just long enough for one of the canines to get its teeth around him, but Biotron and Microtron's attacks are able to drive away the dogs and their handlers. The Micronauts continue their flight, but Microtron has yet to detect the Heliopolis, and the facility has locked down around them. Acroyear makes a failed attempt to batter down a set of blast doors, only to have them open on their own, revealing the female scientist. Seeing the giant who shocked them, Acroyear trips her and leads the team in fleeing once more, but they notice that the giant scientist is pointing at something: the Heliopolis, locked inside a suppression field. Biotron soon realizes that his suspicions were correct: this giant is helping them escape!

Featured characters[edit]

Characters in italic text appear only in flashbacks.
(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Micronauts Hasbro Universe inhabitants Microspace inhabitants


"But have you located the Heliopolis yet?"
"I believe you mean "have you located the Heliopolis yet, sir"."
"No. Not yet."

Acroyear doesn't take kindly to Microtron pulling rank.


Continuity notes[edit]

  • The opening pages recap the Micronauts' adventures from the series' debut arc and in Revolution. It's not expanded upon here, but the team was incapacitated after Enerchanging with a spacebridge to thwart Baron Karza's plans, allowing the mysterious organization to take them captive.
  • As established in Revolution the language of Microspace is in fact ancient Cybertronian, represented on the page using the Cyberglyphics substitution cipher. Whilst the few pieces of dialogue rendered that way in Revolution translate to jokey non sequiturs, here it is real dialogue:
    • Page 5, panel 1: "She doesn't understand a word I'm saying."
    • Page 5, panel 5: "I don't like how that one looks at us."
    • Page 7, panel 1: "It would be nice if you could get us some furniture in here. Maybe a private bathroom area."
    • Page 7, panel 2: "Uh oh. I don't like that look."
  • As similarly established in Revolution, English is represented as scribbly lines from the Micronauts' perspective.

Other notes[edit]

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