Ms. Jiminez

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Overseeing the Situation Room, Ms. Jiminez is competent enough at her job that, come a time of great crisis, her orders will be followed without question. Shame then a Dire Wraith Sorceress assumed her identity.


After the Wraith posing as Joe Colton was slain by Rom, the case of Ore-13 he had been carrying was given to Marissa Faireborn. When Scarlett texted Marissa about the possibility of various government locations being infiltrated by Wraiths, Jiminez sent a signal for her Wraith Soldiers to retrieve the case. When Thundercracker arrived, Jiminez ordered the Seeker clones to attack the ex-Decepticon. Thundercracker managed to defeat them before he and Marissa broke into the situation room. Sensing the Ore-13, Jiminez extended her arm to massive size to seize the case before she merged with the mineral. The power boost allowed her to grow to Cybertronian size and assume the form of a Wraith Hawk. Before she could do anything, Thundercracker hoisted her upwards with the intention to throw her into the sun. As he reflected on the impracticality of this plan, Jiminez's burning hands burned through his shoulder, severing his arm and sending her falling. While boasting of Dire Wraith superiority, Thundercracker warned that his arm contained Energon ammunition. The inevitable explosion incinerated Jiminez's wings and she met a gruesome end, being impaled on the Washington Monument. Thundercracker & Buster Save the World TFWikiFavicon.png


  • "Jiminez" is the first Dire Wraith to assume a female identity. Whether she's a female Dire Wraith or not is unknown but we're assuming she is because all other Wraiths seen are males who assumed males guises and it's literally all we have to go on.