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Nelson Dániel is a Chilean comic book artist and illustrator. Having maintained a working relationship with IDW Publishing for several years, Dániel provided covers for a number of IDW Hasbro titles before finally getting a chance to do interiors on 2017's Clue and, later, the short lived Scarlett's Strike Force series.

In addition to his work on IDW Hasbro titles, Dániel's art has also been seen in the pages of Judge Dredd, Dungeons & Dragons, and String Divers.

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As the artist for Clue, Nelson Dániel was a witness to Dr. Black's plan to eliminate his competitors for the Surobi Zinnia and as such needed to be eliminated by Upton. As Upton arrived at his home while he was in the middle of drawing a page, Dániel quickly began fighting against the butler but was ultimately overpowered and killed with one of his own pens. Due to his death he was unable to depict the murder of the comic's writer Paul Allor. Clue #6

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