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No respectable interstellar power goes out into the hell that this is the galaxy without a signature weapon. For the Solstar Order, that weapon is the Neutralizer. A hand held weapon, it unleashes a beam of devastating red energy that (usually) has lethal results for whatever was unfortunate enough to be in its path.


Rom's first experience with a Neutralizer came when the Dire Wraiths invaded Elonia where he grabbed Diavod's discarded weapon and fired at the Wraith that had once been his mother. While she escaped, Rom impressed the Knights with how he handled the weapon and was invited to join their ranks. Nikomi explained that the weapon had multiple settings, the higher the setting, the longer it would take to recharge. By the time Rom had graduated, the Mark III Neutralizer had been released but Rom's group still used older models much to his ire.

When attacked by Dire Wraiths, the obsolete Neutralizer failed to work before it was absorbed by a mysterious alien ore and enhanced. Cold Fire

When the Wraith/Solstar War moved into the larger galaxy, it was deemed unacceptable that a Neutralizer fall into Wraith hands with any collateral damage taken to prevent this being deemed acceptable. The Neutralizers could be detached from a Knight's armor and transformed into a javelin like weapon. Earthfall: Part Four

Neutralizers came in a variety of forms with several Space Knights chose to integrate multiple Neutralizers into their armor. Reinforcements, Part 1 Two large scale models were built for Stardrive though, owing to her Camien heritage, these ones were integrated directly into her biology. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png Combining multiple Neutralizers produced increasingly devastating effects with the effect being used to shatter at least one planet in the past. Interlude

At full power, Rom's Neutralizer proved able to completely raze Cooper's Mill to the ground with enough precision to spare Darby Mason's house though doing so had left his weapon drained. Earthfall: Part Two

Though the Neutralizer could function as a sniper-rifle, Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1 it had a limited range in this regard and would need to revert to large spread firing mode to kill its targets. Earthfall: Part Four

Space Knight armor could absorb Neutralizers already part of the biology of another. Reinforcements, Part 4 The selfsame energy of the Neutralizer could also be channeled through the armor directly without the need for a physical weapon. Reinforcements, Part 5

Neutralizers were not without their upper limits though. Rom fired the full power of his weapon directly at Optimus Prime who, despite being blown back the kinetic force of the attack, was undamaged. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png Concentrated fire from multiple Neutralizers however proved able to slay a Cybertronian though such an act proved a drain on a Space Knight's energy reserves. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png


  • The early Neutralizers seen in ROM Annual 2017 are based off the original Rom toy's Neutralizer.
  • In ROM #8, Orphion refers to his bow shaped Neutralizer as a "Neutra-Bow". Whether other configurations have other special names is unknown at this time.

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