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The name or term "Acroyear" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Acroyear (disambiguation).
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The "New Acroyears" are a strange, advanced series of Microspace warriors, prophesised by the Time Traveller's helmet to be part of Baron Karza's army in the Earthwar. Far more powerful than the second generation Acroyears, and capable of fighting their first generation counterparts on an equal footing, the New Acroyears are armed with spherical silver fists that can Enerchange into a seemingly endless supply of weaponry, and pose a deadly threat to Micronauts and humans alike.


The New Acroyears first arrived on Earth through a rift in space punctured by the Micronauts' future counterparts, moments before it closed. Micronauts Annual The Acroyears hunted down the Micronauts at Rhonda Conway's home, where they were also being searched for by Commander Klain's soldiers; the warriors first killed the humans by hitting them with bullet-like force, before turning on their targets from Microspace. Though Acroyear was nonchalant about his counterparts, he was shocked to discover that the futuristic Acroyears were capable of matching him in combat. As the Micronauts fled on the Heliopolis, the golden helmet expressed shock at the New Acroyears' arrival, believing that they should not have arrived yet. Micronauts #10


  • Though based on Mego's Micronauts Acroyear II toy, the New Acroyears are presumably not named Acroyears II, as that name was already used for the second generation Acroyears. The name "New Acroyear" is taken from the Micronaut Acroyear's description of them in Micronauts #10.