Omar Ruiz

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Omar Ruiz was a police officer in Pismo Beach, California. He was partners with Camilla Byers.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Reports of a fire on the beach and near a forest caused Omar and Camilla to respond though the former thought it just some kids who had been irresponsible until an armoured truck past their car. Arriving the two were drafted by a soldier to help deal with the emergency. The emergency soon revealed itself and after emitting a red light, disintegrated two of the four soldiers. No sooner had Omar declared his intent to help did the soldier with him and Camilla extend two spikes from his palm. Though the soldier missed Camilla, he drained the life completely out of Omar and transformed into a Wraith Hawk. Earthfall: Prelude

When Camilla awoke the next day, she called for Omar only to remember his passing. She tried to report his death to Cusiter who said he already knew. Earthfall: Part One