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G.I. Joe #0
GIJoev1-0 cvrB.jpg
"One Word"
Publisher IDW Publishing
Published in G.I. Joe #0
First published October 22, 2008
Cover date October 2008
Written by Chuck Dixon
Line-art by Robert Atkins
Colors by Andrew Crossley
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editor Andy Schmidt

A single word sees a new era for G.I. Joe begin...


Duke files his after action report for a top-secret mission in the Hayadarpasa Ltd shipyard in Istanbul, with the goal of intercepting an illegal arms shipment bound for the USA...

Under cover of darkness, Duke, Flint, Torpedo, and Beachhead climb aboard the Benin Pearl, taking out the first of the Zogc militiamen preparing the arms shipment. On the main deck, the other criminals are slicing cargo container doors off their hinges, so that a consignment of weapons can be placed inside without breaking the customs seal clearing the containers to enter the U.S. Aiming for a non-lethal intervention, the G.I. Joe team pop XM-84 stun grenades, and the majority of the militiamen are quickly disarmed and surrendering. However, one remains, and he's holding one a Stinger rocket launcher from the shipment! The man fires, and the subsequent explosion detonates the high explosives already stored below decks, tearing the ship apart. The Joes make it safely into the harbour below, and clamber back aboard their RIB, before pulling the launcher-wielding militiaman from the water. The man is nearly dead, but the Joes are desperate for a lead on the militia's supplier or client, and Duke entreats him to give them something before passing, such that he may "go to God in peace." In response, the man whispers a single word:


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