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Of the fourteen, self-replicating, Energon ores created by Shockwave, Ore-13 is possibly the greatest success. Taking root on the planet Earth, it grants obscene power to any Cybertronian who uses it causing many to nickname it "Ultra-Energon" while its creator dubbed it "Power itself". However, the Cybertronians are not the only alien species who frequent the Earth; there are other threats with their own insidious agendas for the Ore...

Fiction[edit | edit source]

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Through mathematical analysis, Shockwave saw that the Great War would devolve into nothing more than a struggle for resources and decided to create Regenesis to secure a future for his species. Spotlight: Shockwave TFWikiFavicon.png Knowing that the Enigma of Combination was on Earth, Shockwave chose it as the world to plant Ore-13 on. The Crucible TFWikiFavicon.png Shockwave first planted the Ore 600,000 years ago, and returned to Earth 10,000 years ago to check up on it Revolutionaries #1 timeline TFWikiFavicon.png but was knocked into stasis lock by the Dynobots. Spotlight: Shockwave TFWikiFavicon.png

The Dire Wraiths on Earth sought out the Ore-13 as it not only enhanced their magical abilities but gave them the ability to hide from the Space Knights' Energy Analyzers. The ore was in short supply however and the Wraiths were forced to scrounge for whatever small quantities of it they could find. Earthfall: Part Two The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png

When Cybertronians arrived on Earth in 2001, Revolutionaries #1 timeline TFWikiFavicon.png they found Ore-13 and it soon became a valued asset in the war effort. Inflitration TFWikiFavicon.png Escalation TFWikiFavicon.png

Years later, after Optimus Prime had annexed Earth, Once Upon a Time on Earth TFWikiFavicon.png Baron Karza had discovered the body of Micronus Prime Micronauts: Revolution and a way to save Microspace from destruction via the Prime's Space Bridge. Making contact with Earth, Karza entered into an alliance with Miles Mayhem. In exchange for letting Karza take the Ore-13, Mayhem would receive Karza's aid and support. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png Karza's first attempt to teleport Ore-13 into Microspace proved less than successful as not only did he only get 60% of his target, The Divine Source of Liberty TFWikiFavicon.png the procedure had the side-effect of making other Ore-13 deposits across Earth unstable taking on a more jagged appearance. Concorde Hymn TFWikiFavicon.png

After combating Axiom, Rom discovered that Ore-13 was behind the recent failures of his Analyzer. Field Test When he allied himself with the Autobots, he shared this information with them and elaborated on why the Wraiths wanted the substance. Finding his armor resonated with the Ore-13, Rom used it to send multiple samples into Microspace to try and put the ore behind the Wraiths' reach before the Autobots called him out on his actions and he stood down. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png At the same time, a group of Wraiths infiltrating the White House sought to obtain a case of Ore-13. Despite their success in acquiring the mineral, they were ultimately defeated by Marissa Faireborn and Thundercracker. Thundercracker & Buster Save the World TFWikiFavicon.png

In addition to allying with Karza, Mayhem had allied with the Dire Wraiths and alerted them of the Ore-13 deposit beneath Autobot City. Though the heroes of Earth fought valiantly, the sheer number of Wraiths combined with the power given to them by the Ore-13 was too much. Once the Wraiths saw fit to backstab Mayhem, he summoned Baron Karza who absorbed the Wraiths into himself The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png Using the Wraith's magical skills, Karza sent the energy of the Ore into Microspace which threatened to detonate samples all across the globe. Soundwave eventually hit on the plan to stop Karza which returned the Ore-13 to stable levels. Valley Forge TFWikiFavicon.png

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