Origins issue 8

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G.I. Joe: Origins #8
Origins8 cvrB.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published October 1, 2009
Cover date October 2009
Written by Larry Hama
Line-art by Andrea Mutti
Colors by J. Brown
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editor Andy Schmidt
Assistant editor Carlos Guzman
Associate editor Denton J. Tipton

The newly-formed G.I. Joe team heads to Europe to uncover an enigmatic terrorist plot.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Near Gijon, Spain, several members of the Borovian Liberation Front have Scarlett cornered in the back of a van. Recognizing her as a spy, they prepare to torture information out of her, but the Joe has other ideas, and Scarlett is soon in the middle of a close-quarters fight. Two of the men fall victim to stray bullets from a comrade's gun, and the van soon careens into a wall. Quick on the scene are a trio of CIA operatives who had been tailing the Borovians, admonishing Scarlett for wrecking their operation. Seconds later, Duke and Heavy Duty arrive, and suggest they take the "discussion" elsewhere.

In Nevada, a small bus pulls up to a small military camp, and then descends into a hidden tunnel. In the facility below, the passengers, a host of ex-military engineers, are greeted by Hawk, Stalker, and Rock & Roll. The men and women have all signed non-disclosure agreements, and their work on the refitting of the base will remain highly classified. One engineer has his doubts about the top-secret operation, but Hawk insists that G.I. Joe will not be acting illegally.

In Spain, the Joes and the CIA have set up in the Borovians' hide-out, in the offices of a janitorial company called Portero Moderno. Duke explains G.I. Joe's mission: delivering the Borovians to the Hague for war crime trials, and interrogating them about a mysterious operation named "Saeva Indignatio" en route. He does, however, allow the CIA their own interrogation with the two surviving Borovians, on the condition they use no "enhanced techniques". They are interrupted, however, when Scarlett announces she has found files on Saeva Indignatio on the building's computer.

In Nevada, Breaker and a technologically-clueless Rock & Roll are working on setting up computer systems for the new base, and stripping out the viruses and booby-traps left by the Chimera. Elsewhere, Snake Eyes visits the motel he stayed at during the Chimera business. Having paid off his plane ride, the mute commando now seeks to return Bob Light's katana... but discovers that the motel has actually been shut for two years. The new owner hands over a copy of Sun Tzu she found on the counter, and Snake Eyes goes on his way, glancing at the empty sword-mount on the wall. Back at the base, Hawk greets the ninja with the information that his new uniform is ready.

In Spain, Scarlett has uncovered phone numbers for US embassies worldwide among the Saeva Indignatio files, and information that the enigmatic operation is due to begin in mere minutes. And at an embassy in Europe, a message is relayed: there was no cancellation signal, so Saeva Indignatio must begin. Led by a woman named Nadia, several cleaners pull pistols from their carts and shoot down both the embassy security and any diplomats surplus to requirements. With the building secure, preparations can begin for the next day, and a row of janitorial vans pull up...

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Weapons are instruments of ill fortune and should only be utilized as a last resort. The superior man subdues the enemy without fighting."

–Bob Light's choice line from Sun Tzu

Notes[edit | edit source]

Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • This storyline picks up shortly after issue #5, returning to the earliest days of G.I. Joe. The Pit is being refitted after its capture from the Chimera in that storyline.
  • Snake Eyes borrowed Bob Light's katana in issue #3 and chartered a plane ride in issue #4. We learn that the motel was not actually open during that story's events – presumably ex-military man Bob Light was just doing some fellow soldiers a favor?

Real-life references[edit | edit source]

  • Two of the Borovians take their codenames from the biblical tale of Jacob and Esau.

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • Chip says Scarlett killed three Borovians, including the man who threaten her with secateurs. In fact, there were only four men, and the one with the secateurs is one of the two survivors.
  • When Scarlett says she has found a folder named Saeva Indignatio, the computer screen instead shows a web search for the phrase.

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