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Orphion is a member of the Solstar Order of Space Knights, partner of Livia, and commanding officer to Rom. Just like the other members of the Order, he too is at war with the Dire Wraiths. While he may seem to have a tough ends-justify-the-means attitude, he is not entirely devoid of reason, and will listen when others call him out on his actions, and he will give them the opportunity to prove their own points.


Solstar Commander[edit]

Not much is known of Oprhion's life before becoming a member of the Solstar Order, but what is known is that his home world was among the "Fringe Worlds," a region of the Solstar Order's territory that was ravaged by Dire Wraith invasion and occupation, with him being among the last survivors and swearing revenge upon the Wraiths. Cold Fire He is also non-religious, although it is unclear if he was that way before or after the loss of his world. He might also have had children, but that is unclear at this point. Interlude

Solstar forces under the command of Orphion investigated the site where strange meteorites had struck Rom's family home on the planet of Elonia. There, they found the charred but still alive form of Shah K'atsema, who was on the brink of death. Further investigations confirmed Orphion's worst fears; the Dire Wraiths had arrived. Later, the Dire Wraiths escaped.

Rom, Livia and Fy-Laa joined the Solstar's military, and were debriefed at the Solstar Order Command Center about the threat of the Dire Wraiths by Imperiator Carax and Orphion. Rom was understandably enraged about the fact that he and the people of Elonia were not informed about the threat sooner, though Orphion was quick to scold Rom for addressing the Imperator in such a crude manner. However, Carax agreed with the young recruit that the Elonians should have been given a fighting chance, something that he was giving to Rom and friends at that moment.

When Rom, Livia and Fy-Laa had graduated to the status of Solstar cadets, Imperiator Carax and Orphion deployed the three of them on their first mission; guarding a mine near Rom's old home that the Dire Wraiths could use as a command post, much to Rom's annoyance.

After the Cadets survived an ordeal with a group of Dire Wraiths at the mine and had gotten their new armor from the mysterious ore, Orphion was present when the Solstar Order examined the Cadet's armor to ascertain its abilities. When Fy-Laa gave his concerns about the potential downsides of the new suit enhancement, Orphion agreed that those were reasonable concerns, but they had yet to have any definitive answers at that point in time. After Livia showed her enthusiasm for using the armor to take the fight to the Wraiths, Orphion claimed that she took the words right off of his forked tongue, saying that they could possibly even strike at the Wraiths' home world. Fy-Laa respectfully called him out on the idea, pointing out the questionability of sending three cadets that he barely let guard a hole in the ground to take on an entire planet. While Orphion did call the cadet impertinent for saying such a thing to his commanding officer, he did agree that the assessment was accurate, and said that he would never send his troops to do something that he himself would not. So, with Imperiator Carax's backing, Orphion stated that he would undergo the armor conversion process, and then train any battle-hardened volunteer so that they could all go and fight the Wraiths, thus beginning the group known as the Knights of the Solstar Order. Cold Fire

Centuries later, Orphion was one of the Order members whom Rom thought of while explaining his life story to Darby Mason. Earthfall: Part Two

Arrival on Earth[edit]

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