Outrageous Annual 2015

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Jem and the Holograms Annual 2015
"Outrageous Annual"
First published September 30, 2015
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Amy Mebberson ("Wired/Epilogue")
Arielle Jovellano ("Jem Wolf")
Rebekah Isaacs ("Angry Aja")
Jen Bartel ("Shana Wars")
Agnes Garbowska ("Jem Babies")
Colors by Josh Burcham ("Jem Wolf")
Joana Lafuente ("Angry Aja")
Lauren Perry ("Jem Babies")
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by John Barber
Chronology Immediately following Showtime: Part Six

After an exhausting concert, The Holograms dream about their favorite movies.



After a concert, The Holograms are all feeling too hyped up to sleep. With that in mind, they decide to get together and watch a movie after they discover Synergy can get them any movie they want. Though they begin to argue over what to watch, soon all four of them drift off to sleep and begin to dream...

Jem Wolf[edit]

Despite not playing basketball, Jerrica suddenly finds herself out on the court and surrounded by her sisters who are all urging her to change! Though she hesitates, Jerrica soon figures out the crowd already knows about her secret identity and transforms into the lycanthropal Jem Wolf! Scoring the shot that wins the Holograms the game, Jem the overjoyed crowd picks her up and parades her out of the gymnasium! After the game though, she stares into the locker room mirror and consults Synergy Wolf, wondering if Jem Wolf and Jerrica are really the same person.

To her sisters' disappointment, Jerrica turns back into her human form as they drive to a party that's being held in her honor. She meets up with Rio, who despite his earlier reservations about her, also wonders why Jerrica isn't Jem Wolf. She's then called up to the stage by her sisters and is met by a crowd cheering for and demanding Jem! Unable to take the pressure, Jerrica takes off running into the woods until she collapses, refusing to turn into Jem.

Angry Aja: Beyond Thunder-Rotunda[edit]

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Angry Aja drives through the desert in her souped up car, enjoying the simple pleasures of having the open road all to herself until she notices that she's running low on fuel. Pulling into the nearby settlement of Negotiate Town, she convinces a young urchin girl to watch her car for her by giving her her tape deck, withholding the headphones until she returns from her search for gas.

As she looks, a masked bandit suddenly snatches Aja's prized guitar from off her back and she takes off after them. She tackles the thief to the ground but they unfortunately land at the feet of Negotiate Town's ruler Aunty Synergy, who tells them that due to the strict rules against fighting in Negotiate Town, they'll have to settle their differences in Thunder-Rotunda! They fight and Aja eventually knocks the thief to the ground but ignores the crowd's demand that she kill her opponent, giving the thief an opportunity to unmask themself, revealing... another Aja! Just then, Aja's three sisters rope into Thunder-Rotunda to rescue her! Realizing the post-apocalyptic loner lifestyle isn't for her, Aja decides to let the larcenous version of herself have her guitar and car, giving her the headphones she'd promised the urchin. Climbing into her sister's truck, Aja takes the wheel as the four of them drive off into the sunset.

Shana Wars[edit]

Asleep at the controls, Shana wakes up just in time to watch her ship crash into an alien swamp! Climbing out, Shana laments that she had to dream about the gross, swampy part of her favorite movie and is soon met by a diminutive version of Synergy with an odd way of speaking. When she asks her what she's doing here, Shana thinks about what was going on in the movie at that point and concludes she must be dreaming about this part because she's having trouble making a choice. Taking her inside, Synergy challenges Shana to thread a needle, a task Shana finds nearly impossible. Telling her the conflict in her soul between being a musician with her family and doing what she really wants to do with her life is what's giving her trouble, Synergy informs Shana there's a place she can go to confront her internal conflict.

As she trudges through the cave, Shana tells herself to stay calm since she already knows from the movie what's going to happen. Despite this, she's still caught off guard as she's confronted with a vision of herself as a successful fashion designer! Though she's rather taken with the sight of herself walking the runway with her models as an adoring crowd calls her name, she's then shown The Holograms, shattered by her leaving them behind! Running out of the cave, Shana jumps into her ship as Synergy urges her not to leave until her training is complete. However, Shana doesn't see a choice when her family is on the line and takes off, though Synergy is convinced she'll be back soon enough.

Jem Babies[edit]

As the infant Holograms play music from atop the bars of their crib, the similarly young Misfits knock them all back inside and take their place, singing their own music! After both groups do some planning, Kimber speaks for her sisters as they confront The Misfits, declaring that the nursery isn't big enough for both of the groups! However, before things can come to blows, Synergy-Nanny checks in on the girls (and Rio) and gives them a present... an adorable pet kitten! However, as soon as Synergy leaves, they all get right back to arguing over what the kitten's name is going to be, each group wanting to name her after themselves before finally reaching the compromise of Miss Gram.

Later, as Stormer plays with the kitty, Kimber shyly approaches her and asks if she can have her turn playing with Miss Gram. Letting her have the kitty, Stormer and Kimber look into each others eyes and tell each other that they're their favorites. Just then, Kimber suddenly has an idea: The Misfits and Holograms should work together and put on a big show for Miss Gram! As they get to work on the lyrics, Stormer asks just how they're going to convince everyone to go along with their plan, but Kimber is confident that Pizzazz's inability to turn down a dare will get her to join in. Though her theory was right and both bands come together to sing for Miss Gram, Pizzazz still can't resist pushing Kimber out of the limelight, shoving her back into the crib! Though she's angry with the Misfit, Kimber still gets comfortable in there and slowly drifts off to sleep...


...just as the real Kimber begins to wake up! Pulling blankets over her sisters on the couch, Kimber tells Synergy she thinks they have a lot more big days like the one that led to this up on the horizon. Synergy agrees, telling Kimber that her and her sisters have started something bigger than they can imagine, but her aggrandizing falls on sleepy ears, Kimber having already taken off towards her bedroom!

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


"Synergy Wolf... Everyone loves the Jem Wolf."
"*koff* Of course they do, Jem."
"That's not my name... My name is Jerrica."
"Not when you look like this."
"Yes, even when I look like this. I mean... I'm still me. Inside, where it matters, I'm still me."
"Is that really true?"

-Jem Wolf (or is it Jerrica?) and Synergy Wolf

"Thaaaat's not right."

-The Thunder-Rotunda audience's recognizable but legally distinct chant is off putting to Angry Aja

"Go now and fail them you will."
"You don't know that for sure!"
"Saw the movie you did."

-Synergy's warnings to Shana are ignored, genre savviness be damned.

"What else rhymes with kitten?"
"We already got mittin, written, and gettin', and sittin'. I think that's all the words. Like, in the whole world."

-Baby Stormer and Baby Kimber

"You four have begun something larger than any of you can possibly imagine."
"Yawn Yeah, I guessss."
"There is so much still to come. You-"
"Man, I'm wiped. Night, Synergy."
"...Good night, Kimber."

-Synergy and Kimber


Continuity notes[edit]

  • The 'Previously' page implies that the concert the Holograms are returning from in the framing story is the one they held at the conclusion of issue #6.
  • Aja says it feels good not to have a light rigging dropped on her at a show, referring to Clash's sabotage of the Starlight benefit in issue #5.

Real world references[edit]

  • As you can probably guess, all four of The Holograms' dreams are based off of movies. In the order they're arranged, they're based on Teen Wolf, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, The Empire Strikes Back, and Muppet Babies.
  • Appropriately, given the basis of her dream, Kimber sings the Muppet Babies theme song as she joins her sisters on the couch.
  • While at the time of this issue's release this wasn't particularly noticeable, Baby Pizzazz's suggestion that they name the kitten Willow becomes a lot more referential once we learn the name of the real Pizzazz's cat in the Jem Holiday Special.

Covers (5)[edit]

  • Regular cover: Jem Babies, by Agnes Garbowska
  • Variant cover: Hologram slumber party, by Amy Mebberson
  • Nerd Block Exclusive
  • Bam!/2nd & Charles
  • IDW Convention