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Oziron “Oz” Rael is captain of the Micronauts. While he acts like a roguish space pirate rebel, Oz is a good guy at heart. Though a self-professed pacifist who prefers to stay out of conflict, he is unwilling to sit idly by and let innocent people suffer. Unfortunately, being one of last of the psychic Pharoid race has painted a giant target on his head, and now everybody and their mother believes that he's the key to saving Microspace from the entropy cloud.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Find the truth that will save your universe.
Microspace needs you to live, Oziron Rael.

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After flying into the Cloud, the Micronauts were attacked by Reptos, a race of beings previously thought destroyed by the cloud. Seeing that the Reptos survived, Oz was excited to return home with the news that Microspace wasn't doomed. With the Reptos destroy tearing up the Heliopolis, Oz told Microtron to destroy the ship if he had to, something which proved unnecessary after the crew was saved by the mysterious Time Traveler.

Several days into their journey, while tracking a mysterious energy source, the Micronauts received a message from Baron Karza. Karza told them that though it had only been a few days for them inside the storm, years had passed for him after he followed them into the cloud. Microtron then informed Oz that he discovered the source of the energy he detected earlier, which also happened to be the source of Karza's signal. Upon seeing the source of the energy, Oz struggled to comprehend what he was looking at. Karza explained that he was looking was the birthplace of Microspace: the body of Micronus Prime. Micronauts: Revolution

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