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Some species can transform. Some can do magic. Others can do both. But what makes the Pharoids stand out from the rest is their penchant for psionics. Pharoids are natural psychics and empaths with some of their number being capable of precognition. These talents made them heavily sought after as advisors, by king and peasant alike, to the extent that the Pharoids set up various temples across Microspace. But at heart however, the Pharoids are a pacifist people and lack any form of viciousness...which is probably why they seem to get caught up in every war and there's so few of them left.

The greatest of the Pharoids can not only see beyond the veil of time but actually travel through it, becoming known as the Time Travelers.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

The Pharoids had temples in nearly every core system where people could make use of their talents. Micronauts #3 They were also part of the Council of Worlds. Micronauts #4

After the Time Travelers had disappeared and the Entropy Cloud appeared, the Pharoids were rounded up by the Ministry of Science to try and find the Travelers to no avail. Micronauts #3 The Ministry believed that they could use "some sort of innate psychic power to unlock a magic fix for the entropy storm" which was a false belief for the last of the Pharoid mentalists had died out a long time go. Micronauts #5 Among the Pharoids that had been experimented on was Oziron Rael, who had grown up hearing the stories of his people's golden age but abandoned his pacifist attitude after his experiences at the hands of Baron Daegon. Though he managed to escape, several Pharoids perished in the Ministry's experiments. Micronauts #3

A Pharoid temple was captured prompting the Emperor to send Baron Karza and Red Falcon to liberate it. After they had liberated the temple, a dying aggressor warned Karza that the actions of the Pharoid prophets would "destroy everything". Micronauts #4

Even as war between the Ministry of Defense and Science worsened, the Pharoids were still valued for possible solutions to the Entropy Cloud with both Karza and Daegon labelling Oziron Rael as a priority target, Micronauts #3 with the former even sending an assault force to secure him from the Ministry of Science Micronauts #5 before pursuing him into the Entropy Cloud. Micronauts #6

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Pharoid race is based on "Pharoid" figure from Series 2 of the original 1970s toyline.