Pismo Beach

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Pismo Beach is a city in northern California.


Camilla Byers and Omar Ruiz were police officers in Pismo Beach. They were driving on patrol one night in 2016 when Rom made landfall on Earth on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Pismo Beach. Earthfall: Prelude

Some time later, Livia and Orphion also made landfall on Earth on a Pismo Beach beach. Earthfall: Part Four

After Orphion decided to give Rom the chance to make his case regarding sparing Earth, Rom took his fellow Knights back to Pismo Beach to observe humans. Tiring of covert observation Orphion ordered his subordinates to drop their cloak and see how the humans truly reacted to aliens. As it turned out the humans were excited to meet their heroes, the Autobots! After some pictures, a local human directed the three Knights to a nearby church where they confronted a particularly powerful and expansive Wraith. Interlude

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