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This article is about Shipwreck's pet parrot. For Shipwreck's personal recon drone, see Polly (drone).
(Polly's the one on the right! The green one! The one who's a bird! Yeah, that one! No not him, look over...! Ah, forget it...)



Polly was presumably acquired by Shipwreck at some point in the seven year gap between him being made a member of G.I. Joe's public team of celebrity soldiers and the defunct Joe team being revived to take the place of the Earth Defense Command. D.T.A. TFWikiFavicon.png Shipwreck cared very deeply for his bird, going so far as to make Polly's name the password on his personal computer. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #5 TFWikiFavicon.png At times the two of them seemed to share a very close, almost preternatural connection with one another. Shipwreck profile TFWikiFavicon.png

When his owner was called upon to man a submarine to move a small Joe team near the mysterious silent EDC base on Bikini Atoll, Polly perched atop his shoulder and echoed Shipwreck's claim to Roadblock that the torpedoing process that would deliver the Joes to dry land was perfectly safe. D.T.A. TFWikiFavicon.png

Polly chowed down on some birdseed as Shipwreck sang the praises of the plankton patty and wakame he was serving to his human teammates that day. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

When a gigantic monster emerged from beneath the Indian Ocean, Polly accompanied Shipwreck and several other Joes to gather data on and hopefully subdue the beast whilst wearing his own adorable little bird diving suit. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #5 TFWikiFavicon.png When Shipwreck learned that Scarlett was planning on sending a team to destroy the previously undiscovered monsters, Polly echoed his master's scornful description of his less environmentally concerned teammates as savage snobs. Later, when Shipwreck discovered Snake Eyes and Helix had figured out his computer password, Polly disagreed that his name was the uncrackable security measure Shipwreck seemed to think it was. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #6 TFWikiFavicon.png

With Shipwreck being named interim commander of G.I. Joe while Scarlett and Roadblock were away on Cybertron, Polly followed him into battle as he "led" a team made up of people who happened to be around against V.E.N.O.M. agents in St. Petersburg, barely managing to cling onto the back of the Silver Mirage as he raced it down an alley in pursuit. When V.E.N.O.M. reappeared in New York City, Polly continued following his owner as he this time semi-competently led a more well-considered team against them. G.I. Joe: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png As Shipwreck thought long and hard about what to do about the King Cobra mech formed by the individual V.E.N.O.M. vehicles, Polly helped along his thought process, whispering words that eventually helped him formed a plan to take the giant snake down. As Shipwreck gave orders to his team, Polly danced and celebrated alongside him, occasionally delivering the last word of his orders as well. M.A.S.K.: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png


  • Despite being Shipwreck's pet since the character was first introduced in 1985 and Shipwreck's prominence in earlier IDW Joe appearances, Polly didn't actually appear in this continuity until 2016's G.I. Joe Revolution tie-in, 7 years into IDW's history with the brand. 2013's third volume of G.I. Joe did see Shipwreck given a drone with the same name, however.

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