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This article is about Shipwreck's personal recon drone. For Shipwreck's pet parrot, see Polly (bird).
30:GOTO 10

The Personal Operations Logistics Liaison Intelligence drone, nicknamed Polly, is a small, quad-copter recon drone originally developed by DARPA for use by Navy SEALs but later taken to the G.I. Joe team by the former SEAL Shipwreck.


Shipwreck somehow acquired Polly from the United States Navy following his placement on G.I. Joe's new, public-facing team of "celebrity soldiers". He was very excited about it, constantly singing the drone's praises to anyone who would listen.

Following G.I. Joe's Skystorm getting shot down by Cobra forces in Warrenton, Ohio, Polly was somehow freed from it's case and began flying around independently. Circling the current area, Polly created a holographic map of the battlefield before returning to the Joes currently being pinned down by enemy fire in the wreckage. With this information, Tunnel Rat was able to spot an access hatch he could use to sneak up from behind the enemy. Homefront, Part 1 As the Joes began running from the mob of Cobra loyalist Warrentonians, Tunnel Rat sent Polly off to go look for the missing members of their team at the factory the Joes originally came there to investigate. While the other Joes were nowhere to be found, what Polly did reveal is that the supposed "chemical weapons plant" had seemingly been abandoned for quite some time. As Tunnel Rat continued searching for the team's female members through Polly, the signal he was using to control the drone suddenly cut out as it approached the Warrenton mall, the signal jammer that did the deed indicating that Cobra forces were headquartered there. Homefront, Part 2

Somehow regaining control of Polly, Tunnel Rat finally found Doc passed out on a rooftop and used Polly's built in speaker to wake her up and inform her where he and the others were. As the reassembled Joes prepared to make their move on the Warrenton mall, Roadblock handed control of Polly over to Hashtag. Homefront, Part 4 While she never got to use it, Tunnel Rat took the drone back and used it's motion sensors to target unoccupied buildings that Shipwreck and Cover Girl could safely blow up to clear a path for Ship, Doc, and Quick Kick to escape through. Homefront, Part 5


  • Polly's acronym appears on the drone's case but is otherwise never referred to as such or as the more technically accurate name "P.O.L.L.I.".