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The Presence is seemingly the deity of the Dire Wraiths. She requires an abundance of psychic energy harvested from living souls.


Dire Wraith texts spoke of "the promised day" when the Presence would awaken. Reinforcements, Part 5

On Earth in 2016, several Wraith Sorcerers convened beneath an oil platform to offer their harvested psychic energy to the Presence. After "Kagan Knight" had given his bounty, he claimed it had fed the Presence but only for a short time with more energy being needed to sate her. Reinforcements, Part 4

After the operation had been ruined by the Space Knights, The Absence commented that though today had not been the promised day, the Presence was coming and that no-one would be able to stop her from awakening. Reinforcements, Part 5


  • It is highly possible the deity the Wraith Priest was collecting psychic energy for is the Presence as he speaks phrases similar to Kagan Knight's regarding the deity's need for psychic energy.