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The Presence is the deity of the Dire Wraiths. She requires an abundance of psychic energy harvested from living souls.


After arrving on Earth, the Dire Wraiths found its energy optimal for terraforming into a new homeworld. To that end, they planted a portal to the alternate dimension the Presence inhabited beneath the surface of the Earth and began feeding her bounties of energy to fuel her growth. At full power, it was believed the Presence would allow the Wraiths to conquer the universe. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 4 Microspace Knight Dire Wraith texts spoke of "the promised day" when the Presence would awaken. Reinforcements, Part 5 The "promised day" however was projected to be thousands of years in the future and the Wraiths sacrificing of various energy stores did little to accelerate her growth. Microspace Knight

In 2016, several Wraith Sorcerers convened beneath an oil platform to offer their harvested psychic energy to the Presence. After "Kagan Knight" had given his bounty, he claimed it had fed the Presence but only for a short time with more energy being needed to sate her. Reinforcements, Part 4 A Wraith masking as religious officials used his positions to harvest human souls for the deity. Interlude

After the operation had been ruined by the Space Knights, the Absence commented that though today had not been the promised day, the Presence was coming and that no-one would be able to stop her from awakening. Reinforcements, Part 5

In the Mediterranean Sea, the Presence drained the energy of Livia. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 2

After Kagan Knight had harvested the souls of humans in a desert, Orphion found his operation and glimpsed the deity's spectral form. He later tracked the energy Knight had released to the entity.

Confronting Scylla, Rom and Livia were told of the Presence's origins and purpose with the deity's spectral limbs lifting Scylla upwards. After slaying the Wraith general, Livia conceded that destroying Earth was no longer an option as the energy would only feed the Presence. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 4

Under undivulged circumstances, Baron Karza became aware of the Presence's growth and became confident that he could awaken her. He bartered this knowledge to D'rge to propose a mutually-beneficial alliance, ROM: First Strike wherein where he would funnel the destructive Entropy Cloud out of Microspace and into the Presence's dimension where the Cloud's temporal properties would awaken the deity. Microspace Knight