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AM 3 Professor.jpg

The Professor is one of Doctor X's scientists stationed at the Chateau. He's probably either Polish or Hungarian.


To have him concentrate on new ways to murder, Doctor X had the Professor's sense of humor removed. To this aim, the Professor experimented at the Chateau, creating horrific and monstrous cyborgs. Out of the Way As part of her plan involving an O.S. codex, Doctor X tasked the Professor to scrap IP addresses from American agents. Mr Love and Justice

While the Professor was concentrating on this data analysis, Action Man broke into the Chateau. The Professor attempted to stop him with his creations, but Action Man triggered an explosion that engulfed the room and he sent both himself and professor out of the window to escape it. Once they landed, Action Man stole the Professor's data card and went to rendezvous with his support team. Out of the Way


  • Though he's only referred to by his title, the Professor is an update of 1990s Action Man villain Professor Gangrene.