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Quarrel is a Tomahawk pilot for G.I. Joe under the command of Mayday.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Quarrel trained with the Oktober Guard of Russia before they went rogue. She later joined up with G.I. Joe.

Quarrel was assigned to Mayday's team as part of the former Earth Defense Command officer's first command alongside Heavy Duty and Flash. Quarrel flew the team to their first assignment in Verenya, Schleteva. Upon arrival, the team was attacked by Human-Dire Wraith mutates, which quickly destroyed their Tomahawk. Quarrel ejected from the copter, but was injured in the fall. The Joes were then saved by Rom, and the team joined forces with the Space Knight to investigate what was creating the Wraith mutates. They followed the Wriath energy trail to an underground bunker, where they discovered the body of an Oktober Guard officer whom Quarrel identified as Shturmovik. As they continued their search of the bunker, the group ran into Ian Noble, the Action Man, engaged in a battle with Garrison Blackrock over the mysterious artifact called the Talisman. However, their squabble was soon interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the Oktober Guard, led by Major Bludd. As the Guard attacked the disparate groups, the Talisman activated, mutating Quarrel, Flash, and Heavy Duty. The three attacked the rest of the heroes, but Rom managed to subdue them.

The mutated Joes and civillians were later restrained and taken by the Action Man Programme in order to be cured. Crisis Intervention TFWikiFavicon.png

Once the Revolutionaries had recovered the Talisman and Garrison Kreiger, the Wraith-mutates were taken to an Onyx facility in Buenos Aires, where Blackrock studied the effects of the artifact. However, his studies were interrupted by the arrival of Baron Ironblood and his allies. When Eagles Scream TFWikiFavicon.png During the battle, Ian Noble freed the Wraith-mutates in order to distract Doctor X. They soon rampaged across the facility, attacking both Ironblood's forces and the heroes. Luckily, Blackrock was able to use his Cybertronian programming to link the Talisman with the Autobot Metrotitan, sending out a wave of energy that reverted the mutates back into humans. Ghost in the Machine TFWikiFavicon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Quarrel was originally introduced in the Action Force franchise, an Action Man spin-off line of smaller-scale figures, later used as a vehicle to import the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero molds and characters into the UK after Palitoy got the license from Hasbro. Quarrel was originally just a blonde version of G.I. Joe's Scarlett, but her appearance in Revolutionaries gave her an altered look to better distinguish between the two characters.
  • Her nationality in the IDW continuity has yet to be specified (she was Swiss in Action Force), but a Union Jack armband on Jed Dougherty's variant cover for Revolutionaries #1 suggests that she is British.

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