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Gordon Hung, codename Quick Kick, is G.I. Joe's resident silent weapons expert and martial arts specialist. Which martial arts does he specialize in? If you've heard of it, then Quick Kick is an expert in it. Having studied a wide variety of different disciplines and techniques since childhood, Quick Kick doesn't need guns to be an effective presence on the battlefield. And, in the rare instances he does need weapons, he'd much sooner reach for a blade, or a staff, or a meteor hammer than a gun. While a certain ninja may be the more famous Joe martial artist, the breadth and depth of Quick Kick's knowledge just might make him the better one... and after years of being negatively compared to the sword-wielding commando, he's determined to prove that that's the case.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

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Origins[edit | edit source]

Gordon Hung was born to immigrant parents in the Chinatown neighborhood of Flushing, Queens. After developing a taste for kung-fu films as a child, Gordon began studying any martial arts he could. However, his education didn't truly begin until he began spending his summer vacations in China with his grandparents. While there, he studied kung fu and wing chun at the feet of revered masters of those arts and would even travel to Shaolin temples to learn hand-to-hand and weapon based combat from the monks. He also spent some time with the Peking opera.

Traveling to Los Angeles, Hung became a stuntman and found work in a wide variety of films and television shows. Though he enjoyed his work and the fact that it let him show off and hone his abilities, Hung was still left wanting something more. That something eventually came in the form of an invitation to join the elite G.I. Joe special forces unit. Hung, however, declined the offer, not wanting to get special treatment. Instead, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, wanting to work his way up the ranks and earn his position in G.I. Joe the "right" way. After quickly working his way up to the rank of corporal, Hung was finally invited to join Joe once again with the codename "Quick Kick". Quick Kick profile Quick Kick joined on just in time to be made part of G.I. Joe's public "celebrity soldier" line-up, becoming the team's silent weapons expert.

Celebrity Soldier[edit | edit source]


While the team was en route to their first mission in the Cobra-controlled town of Warrenton, Ohio, Quick Kick fell asleep on the Skystorm ride over and got a rude awakening when the Joes' transport was shot down. Landing in a pile of rubble alongside Roadblock and Tunnel Rat, Kick and his allies quickly took cover and began fighting against the team of W.O.R.M.S. that were attacking them, trying to fight them off so they could reach the injured Shipwreck. After running out of ammo, Kick pulled out a pair of knives that allowed him to make short work of the Cobra troops. After reaching Shipwreck, Quick Kick spotted Windmill's strung up corpse. Before he could cut their pilot down, however, an approaching mob of Warrenton citizens forced Kick and his teammates to make a run for it. Homefront, Part 1 Breaking off from the others, Kick sneaked around and began taking out W.O.R.M.S. who were issuing orders to the citizens and joined back up with the group as they hid out in the local junkyard. Homefront, Part 2 After the trio of Doc, Hashtag, and Cover Girl met back up with Kick's group, Kick volunteered to stay behind while the others infiltrated the mall Cobra was operating out of and help Doc operate on Shipwreck, feeling that his knife skills would come in handy. Though Roadblock was reluctant to leave the team's silent weapon specialist behind, he decided to have Kick stay. Grabbing some supplies from a nearby pharmacy, Kick patiently let Doc walk him through the surgery. After pulling out a large piece of shrapnel that was threatening to pierce Shipwreck's heart, Kick asked Doc if she was seeing anybody at the moment and shyly told her to nevermind when she asked him to repeat himself. As he began stitching Shipwreck back up, a team of Cobra troopers suddenly stormed the shack they were in and held Kick and Doc at gunpoint before Ship grabbed Roadblock's machine gun and blew the enemy troops away. Homefront, Part 4 After Baroness detonated the bombs Cobra had planted throughout Warrenton, Kick and the others found themselves trapped by the ensuing inferno but were able to free themselves by destroying some of the nearby buildings with a Maggot. Once the mission was over and the Joes returned to their base on Governors Island, Kick and Doc took some leave to go see The Book of Mormon, both of them insisting to Duke and Cover Girl that it wasn't a date. Homefront, Part 5


On a training exercise and test of the team's Air Commando glider and quantum stealth technology, Quick Kick dressed as Snake Eyes and flew onto Governors Island before taking on his teammates, holding his own against all five of them before breaking character to boop Doc's nose. As Duke called it off, Quick Kick explained that the impact of landing seemed to have disabled the stealth technology. Threat Matrix , Part 1 Accompanying the team on a mission to a set of coordinates that Duke had mysteriously obtained, Kick stayed on the lower deck of the Killer W.H.A.L.E. with the team's commander. Despite sharing his teammate's concern at Duke's odd behavior of late, Quick Kick still accompanied him on a mission to one of the three major hot spots being picked up by the Threat Matrix, helping to bust a gun deal between Cobra operatives Zandar and Zarana and the motorcycle gang The Heathens. Threat Matrix, Part 2 After Duke took out the Dreadnoks' motorcycle, Quick Kick swooped in to take them into custody. Rifling through their belongings, Kick found a tablet running some sort of Cobra app that the organization seemed to be distributing to The Heathens along with the guns. Threat Matrix, Part 3 Assisting with local law enforcement's arresting of the bikers, Quick Kick found that the weapons the Dreanoks were slinging were ancient, one of them crumbling in his hands as he inspected it. After Doc found an unresponsive woman with a suicide vest strapped to her on Roosevelt Island tramway, Quick Kick accompanied Shipwreck in rushing towards their location in the Killer W.H.A.L.E.. After Doc realized the bacteria in the bomb needed air to breath and dived into the river with the woman to drown them, Quick Kick fished them out and joked that gunk like that wouldn't be out of place in the East River. Threat Matrix, Part 4

After taking part in a demoralizing mission to South America where Cobra planted intelligence to trick the Joes into attacking a convoy carrying medicine, Quick Kick participated in a mission headed by Cover Girl to a castle occupied by Cobra off the coast of northern Africa. Siren's Song After discovering the castle was being used as a training facility for L'il Vipers, Quick Kick assisted in evacuating the children who wished to be rescued from the facility. Siren's Song: Conclusion

Five years after Quick Kick's induction into the Joes, his place on the team was remembered by Scarlett as she gave her statement to the senate during a hearing about the future of G.I. Joe. The Fall of G.I. Joe Part One

International Hero[edit | edit source]

When G.I. Joe was recommissioned to deal with the rising Cybertronian threat, Quick Kick was part of a team handpicked by Scarlett to investigate why the Earth Defense Command base at Bikini Atoll had gone silent. After arriving on the island via a torpedoing process (which Quick Kick wondered why they were doing instead of letting Wild Bill fly them in), Quick Kick was assigned to Team Bravo along with Bill and Rock 'n Roll. Staying behind while Scarlett and Roadblock tried the direct approach to getting into the base, Quick Kick dived to save Rock from a knife wielding Wild Bill. With Bill having revealed himself as a Dire Wraith, Quick Kick wasted no time putting his martial arts skills to use on the alien but struggled against him, sustaining heavy injuries during the fight. As Wild Bill extended tentacles to wrap around Quick Kick's throat, he was saved by Rock savagely beating the Wraith to death with his gun, only stopping after Kick asked him for some medical attention. After having his wounds wrapped up, Rock loaded Quick Kick onto his back and carried him into the base, the silent weapons expert giving his much more loud and proud teammate pointers on being stealthy between moments of passing out from pain. After Rock shot his way through an entire room full of Dire Wraiths, Quick Kick asked his teammate to just set him down, feeling that he was just slowing Rock down. D.T.A. TFWikiFavicon.png


After the newly international Joes received a message from China, Scarlett had Dial Tone pass it along to Quick Kick for translation, not trusting their auto-translation software. After getting the translation taken care of and confirming the message with the Chinese government, Quick Kick and Scarlett explained to Roadblock the nature of their new mission: liberating Inner Mongolia from Crystal Ball and the Dreadnoks. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #1 TFWikiFavicon.png After the team arrived in Hohhot, Quick Kick took issue with Rock 'n Roll being glad he was with them instead of Snake Eyes as he was able to speak Mandarin and Cantonese, angrily saying he should be glad that he was with them because he was the best martial artist in the world rather than some guy who relied on guns and a human computer. As the group's guides Ying and Yong guided them to Crystal Ball's palace, Quick Kick turned down Cover Girl's offer of a sidearm, saying he had everything he needed in his bag. After the team arrived at the palace and discovered their guides were actually Zandar and Zarana in disguise leading them into a trap, Kick took on Crusher after he clotheslined Rock 'n Roll, chugging a beer as he delivered a beatdown on the Dreadnok. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #2 TFWikiFavicon.png As a legion of mind controlled civilians began rushing the Joes, a now slightly drunken Quick Kick was frustrated by Roadblock's insistence that they not harm them. However, the squad leader did give him permission to gently use his skills on the civilians so that he could clear a path for Cover Girl to escape and find a vehicle for them to escape in. When Crusher came back for more, Roadblock's permission proved unnecessary as Kick tossed the burly Dreadnok through the locked doors, breaking both of them off their hinges. Later, as Ripper opened fire with his knife shooting gun to prevent Rock 'n Roll from grabbing Crystal Ball, Quick Kick grabbed one of the projectiles out of the air and threw it back at the weapon, destroying it. With Crystal Ball in their tow, the team escaped out of the palace to wait for Cover Girl's return, Quick Kick and Roadblock holding off the mind controlled hordes as best they could before she finally arrived in a beat up jeep. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #3 TFWikiFavicon.png

With the Dreadnoks in pursuit, Quick Kick leaped from the vehicle onto the chainsaw staff Buzzer was attempting to cut their wheels with before kneeing him in the face, correcting Zandar's movie referencing as he did so. With his ATV slowed down by Cover Girl taking a shot at him and Burn Out, Quick Kick continued his humiliation of Crusher, this time opting to use a pair of tonfa to beat on the larger man. However, this distracted him long enough to allow Road Pig to hit him in the back with his sledgehammer. Recovering quickly, Quick Kick pulled out a hammer of his own from his bag, a meteor hammer, that he then used to easily take out both Crusher and Road Pig! With Cover Girl's vehicle on its last legs, the Joes were forced to get out and make a stand against the Dreadnoks, Quick Kick leaping to face them up close while his teammates opened fire on them. Soon after they started making their stand, the sudden emergence of a Fatal Fluffy from out of the ground took care of the Dreadnoks for them, the giant monster grabbing them and pulling them back underground with him just as suddenly as he appeared. In the aftermath of the incident, Quick Kick spoke with soldiers from the Chinese army about the Dreadnok tech left over from the incident. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #4 TFWikiFavicon.png

Back at G.I. Joe's new underwater base Lemuria, Quick Kick attended an all-hands meeting about the Fatal Fluffies. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #5 TFWikiFavicon.png Later, when Duke (who was now no longer part of G.I. Joe) arrived to take Baroness and Crystal Ball out of the group's custody, Quick Kick led the latter out of his cell. Not happy about this, Quick Kick offered to take on Duke and his team for Scarlett, feeling he was more than capable of taking them. While she didn't take Kick up on that offer, she did soon bring him along when another situation where he could make use of his talents presented itself. As Scarlett chewed out Snake Eyes and Agent Helix for running off on yet another unauthorized mission and mentioned that Duke had taken off with the prisoners, Quick Kick stopped Snake Eyes before he could run off in an attempt to get them back. Though Helix thought Kick was insane for thinking he could take on Snake Eyes, he felt that if the ninja were to go against him in a one-on-one fight with no guns he'd have no problem proving who the better fighter was. Snake Eyes took Quick Kick up on his offer, letting him lead the way to the dojo. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #7 TFWikiFavicon.png


Once they arrived and Snake Eyes disarmed himself of all his "inelegant" weapons, Quick Kick explained to Helix that this fight was a matter of pride for him, wanting to prove once and for all who the best martial artist both in G.I. Joe and the entire world was. Letting Snake Eyes take the first move, Kick taunted him about how he's grown complacent and begun relying on the same old moves. As they continued to fight, Snake Eyes began to get a few hits in and even managed to nick Quick Kick's jacket with a hidden knife. Disappointed that his favorite weighted training jacket got torn, Quick Kick threw the 83.4 pound garment off to the side and grabbed a Guandao off the wall. Charging Snake Eyes, the ninja quickly cut Kick's weapon in two and knocked him to the ground, unaware of his opponent's proficiency in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. Locking Snake's head between his legs, Quick Kick seemed to finally have his opponent on the ropes before a sudden burst of strength allowed him to slam Kick against the ground. As an exhausted Snake Eyes went for a sword, Kick donned several iron rings on his arms and blocked the ninja's attack before unleashing a fast retaliatory strike, knocking Snake Eyes to his knees. As he monologued about how sick he is of his opponent getting all the attention, Kick let the rings drop from his arms and prepared to deliver a punch to the ninja's face before Scarlett suddenly called out to him, making him realize that Snake Eyes was surrendering. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #8 TFWikiFavicon.png

After the amazingly not-dead Dreadnoks arrived to break Baroness and Crystal Ball out of the custody of Duke's team in The Hague, Quick Kick was among the Joes Scarlett brought with her to the scene to make sure they didn't get away. Bringing a sword along with him, the mere sight of Kick was enough to send Road Pig and Crusher running. When the two extra-large "progenitors" of the Fatal Fluffies suddenly appeared on the scene, Quick Kick informed Scarlett that he believed the other Dreadnoks were using the chaos to escape with the prisoners, forcing her to make the hard call that protecting the city and civilians from the monsters was a bigger priority. With that in mind, Quick Kick called out to G.I. Joe's new ally Farooq "Spitfire" Shah and asked him to give him a lift since he'd commandeered Zanzibar's hoverboard. Once he was in the air, Quick Kick dropped down onto one of the Fluffies and stabbed it in the head with his sword, killing it instantly. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #9 TFWikiFavicon.png

While Earth was being inducted into the Cybertronian Council of Worlds, Quick Kick was inside the Lemuria monitor womb watching the event live on television with his fellow Joes. As Starscream approached the podium to give an opening address, the ceremony was suddenly interrupted by a huge explosion, something that was quickly followed by footage of humans attacking the Cybertronians and the news feed going down. Before it did, however, Scarlett caught a glimpse of Baron Ironblood, the supervillain identity of G.I. Joe founder Joe Colton, leading the attack, something Kick glibly joked about not being good. After it was discovered Colton's base of operations was a bunker in the Swiss Alps, Quick Kick was part of Scarlett's team to break inside, bringing his trusty meteor hammer along with him. Once inside, the team encountered a hallway filled with "Oscillating Evisceration Beams". As the most athletic member of the team, Quick Kick was naturally the first choice to make his way through the laser hallway. Though he was vocally unhappy about it, Quick Kick still gracefully made it through to the other side and deactivated the beams. As they pushed deeper into the base, they eventually found Colton's office. First Strike #1 TFWikiFavicon.png However, Colton had predicted this and laid a trap in the form of hundreds of Red Shadows, the cyberninjas arriving in such numbers that even Quick Kick began to feel overwhelmed. First Strike #2 TFWikiFavicon.png

Quick Kick participated in the joint assault on Castle Destro made by G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., and the Cybertronians Soundwave, Stormclash, and Skyburst to gain control of the M.A.S.S. Device Colton's team used to reach Cybertron. Once they reached the teleporter, Scarlett ordered Quick Kick and Doc to stay behind on Earth to tell the others where she and the others had gone and to formulate a Plan B just in case they failed to stop Colton. First Strike #3 TFWikiFavicon.png

When the resurgent Cobra began working together with V.E.N.O.M. to raid various museums across the world, interim Joe commander Shipwreck had Quick Kick keep watch on the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. When V.E.N.O.M. did indeed show up, Quick Kick radioed it in and headed inside to protect the antediluvian artifacts Cobra was after. Showing up just in time to catch Firefly preparing to steal some kind of serpentine dagger, Quick Kick talked some casual smack to the arsonist, who then turned the tables on him by revealing he'd come prepared with a legion of Red Shadows! G.I. Joe First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png As he fought off the hordes of ninja with ease, taking care to not let any of the museum's artifacts come to harm, Quick Kick disarmed Firefly and even amazingly dodged his bullets after he shoved the barrel of his Uzi up his nose. However, he was eventually knocked out by his own Meteor Hammer by Storm Shadow, the ninja having come along to see the man who bested Snake Eyes in action. Though Firefly prepared to kill the unconscious Kick, Storm Shadow stopped him as he wanted to someday take Quick Kick on fair and square. Due to his injuries, Kick was placed in the infirmary after the mission. M.A.S.K.: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png Feeling humiliated by his defeat, Quick Kick began working tirelessly to further improve his skills, watching security footage of Storm Shadow's attack to motivate himself as he trained.

Picking him in part because he worried Quick Kick wasn't getting out enough lately, Roadblock chose to have Kick accompany him on a mission to attack Cobra's base at the North Pole. Once they arrived, the Joes found themselves in a lush prehistoric jungle that had been beneath the ice caps, complete with dinosaurs! Scarlett's Strike Force #1 TFWikiFavicon.png After beating up some Velociraptors, Quick Kick was amazed by the moves of an Intruder who scared off an Anklyosaurus that was menacing the team. Though he couldn't understand his language, Quick Kick began teaching "Friday" in the ways of martial arts and later saved him from being eaten by Raptor's pet Tyranosaurus. Scarlett's Strike Force #2 TFWikiFavicon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Traditionally Quick Kick's real name has been Macarthur S. Ito rather than "Gordon Hung". The IDW version of the character is also of Chinese descent as opposed to the original Quick Kick's mixed Japanese-Korean descent.

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