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Revolutionaries is an ongoing comic series, spinning out of the Revolution event. The series focuses on a team of characters from several of IDW Publishing's Hasbro Universe titles.

Revolutionaries issues
Because of Transformers connections, this series is being covered by; see TFWiki's Revolutionaries page for full issue summaries.


A crisis in Schleteva brings together an unlikely team – G.I. Joe's Mayday, the Titan Master Garrison Blackrock, super-spy Action Man, and his new best friend Kup – who must unravel the mystery of the Talisman, with a little help from the likes of Rom and the Micronauts.

Creative team[edit]

John Barber continues as writer from Revolution, with Fico Ossio continuing on art.


  • Revolutionaries, Vol. 1: Crisis Intervention TPB (July 12, 2017 **scheduled**) ISBN 1631409212 / ISBN 978-1631409219
Contains issues 1–4?